Lisa's Story

An update and some reminiscing from Lisa Volenec, the former news chick of the Todd and Tyler show. She has moved on the greener pastures, and her last known whereabouts were in Phoenix, AZ as a news reporter.
I wish I could remember the date of the very first time I "filled in" for news on the Todd & Tyler show. I'm guessing it was 'sometime in 1997. I know I was incredibly nervous, because everybody knew who the guys were and I was certain they would eat me up alive. They didn't. Of coarse, they gave me my fair share of grief, but it was a blast!!! No matter when they called to come in, I would ALWAYS say yes. How could you not?? It was the best way to start the day, even with very few hours of sleep. After I'd say a year or so of "news booty calls", I wore them down, and they finally hired me to be there every morning. It goes down in history as my greatest job ever. Not many people can say they love what they do, or have as much fun as we did in those early morning hours every day.

There are so many moments that stick out, but I will try to keep it brief. (I am supposed to be covering news in Phoenix at the moment.) The thing about T&T was that it wasn't my show, and I got that, when they wanted to include me, it was great, and they often included my family. I loved the phone calls to my mom, Carol Ann, at work, who liked to act as though she was irritated, but she enjoyed her little bit of fame all the same. Occasionally, if she was in town, my sister, Kris, would also get a call. I think we referred to her as foul-mouthed Sally, because of her cussing rants at Husker games. I would try to calm down our section in Memorial Stadium by graciously explaining that my sister suffered from a severe case of tourettes syndrome. I remember calling a very sleepy Jeremy, and talking to him as though I was his then-girlfriend hook-up of Sienna and making him believe I was actually flying into town just to see him. I think I was pretty thick-skinned to all the jokes, in part because of my "emotional wall of firemen." Probably the most embarrassing moment on the air, was a call to my mother, to ask her who I lost my virginity to. The guys ever-so-tenderly called the bit "who poked my daughter first." It is something, that, to this day, is NOT discussed at any family gathering.

In the year of 2000, my primary source of income--one un-named TV station in Omaha decided to cut more than 40-jobs, and I happened to be one of them. It was a tough time but the guys couldn't have been more supportive. I started searching for another TV job, and found one in Tucson, Arizona. Leaving my part time gig with T&T was one of the hardest things I've ever done, and the final show, was one full of a lot of laughs and tears. I think crying was in part, because I had my Husker tattoo touched up on the air. OUCHHH!!!!

After a couple of years in Tucson, I finally landed with ABC in Phoenix and have been here for 3 and a half years. My desk is a shrine to the Huskers, but I have to stomach all the ASU fans, yes Todd, I know, I graduated from ASU. They got my tuition, but certainly not my heart. The good news is that ASU is god-awful this year, and the even better news, Colorado sucks!!! I come home often, still for the CWS, and a couple of football games each year, in fact, I'll be home for Texas next week. I'm taking huge gulps of the Callahan kool-aid, and actually believing we can win. I also fly 15-hundred miles every St. Patrick's Day for a bartending shift at the Marylebone. What can I say, they're family!!!

The funny thing about T&T, is that no matter how long you're gone, you never stop missing them. I am on TV in the 5th largest city in the country, in front of millions of people, but on more than one occasion, I'm stopped somewhere, by some stranger who says, "I remember you from Todd & Tyler." Granted, they're wearing their Eric Crouch jersey, and fully geeked out for game day, even though it's usually 120-degrees in July, but they loved the show. I guess that says it all. Nobody ever forgets them. I know I can't.

I hear that now when the Volenec name is dropped on the show, new listeners think its a trucker reference, or a blackshirt. Go with the blackshirt. I thank the guys from the bottom of my heart for one of the best times I've ever had.

Love ya!!!
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