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    Having it both ways

    I was a little bit harsh in the original post. Point being I think management makes them try to be younger and more politically correct all the time and I wish they were allowed to just be authentic like back in the day. I felt that I should clarify.
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    Petey Mac HE GONE!

    I called him RePetey because he repeated everything during a sports story. And his Woody Woodpecker laugh was annoying.
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    Rules For Me But Not For Me

    Tyler likes to make fun of everyone he works with as well as random people but he doesn't allow any jabs at him. Even though he looks like a turkey with AIDS.
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    It's Mike Kyle, not Mike Tyler

    Back I 2009 when Obama issued checks to people to stimulate the economy Tyler let out some personal information about his wages. Only people who made less than $150,000 a year got those checks and he said he wasn't getting one. So I'm sure his bank is much more now.
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