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  1. Dave

    Kirk Douglas - DEAD

    Here are the following 895 ghouls that picked Kirk Douglas in Craig Evans' Dead Pool. Congratulations seeing your name up in lights! 101orgasminggymvaginas 10yearoldToddstubesock 12ouncevodka 1nHalfBallsAndBackupDink 2talltommy 3holesnowaiting 3KnuckleDeep 3meterpeterreader 3MeterPube...
  2. Dave

    Petey Mac HE GONE!

    Petey's been on Twitter and Instagram since January 20th. Looks like the only person he follows from The Empire is Dr. Meena View: #wherespetey
  3. Dave

    Post your worst Kobe memes

    And go....
  4. Dave

    Drop recordings

    You mean, outside of the podcasts? It would be nice if somebody would take the time to get some of those.
  5. Dave

    It's Mike Kyle, not Mike Tyler

    I suspect they make more than that although I thought I read that they don't make the same amount in their contracts. They don't pay their producers shit, I know thst
  6. Dave

    Petey Mac HE GONE!

    Yeah. Something about that giggle or whatever it was
  7. Dave

    Having it both ways

    20 years ago the guys weren't so political, weren't so "woke". You would be subjected to "buncha fags" 2 or 3 times a day, because it was funny. shows can't be funny anymore. It's only Mike that gets ramped up on politics. I think the politics bit took over once they found out they couldn't...
  8. Dave

    Petey Mac HE GONE!

    Same thing happened with Jeremy when Whiskey Tom fired him.
  9. Dave

    Petey Mac HE GONE!

    Most people that don't get contracts renewed just disappear. It seemed like petey was slipping with the sports. I'm surprised Puss is still around. They usually only keep producers about 5 years or so. I think Beastmaster, Donnie, and Jeremy all lasted 5 or 6 years each. I think Big P has been...
  10. Dave

    Rules For Me But Not For Me

    I think you meant the title to be "Rules for thee..."? This tape stickiness has been known for quite a while. Not sure if it was ever mentioned.
  11. Dave

    still here. upgrades recently completed.

    still here. upgrades recently completed.
  12. Dave

    "Unofficial" Todd and Tyler Facebook Group

    Just an FYI, had a couple people ask me about the Todd and Tyler Unauthorized Facebook Group. This site has nothing to do with that Facebook group. has been around a lot longer than Facebook, and doesn't have the ads, or privacy concerns, that Facebook locks a person into. Todd N...
  13. Dave

    Kansas Wins NCAA Championship

    I admire your recollection 11 years later Ncrdbl1!
  14. Dave

    Memorial Day 2018

    Happy Memorial Day OB1. Hope you are your family had a great one!
  15. Dave

    Any Ideas How To Save This GIF ?

    Bunch more here: Homer Simpson Brain Monkey GIFs | Tenor
  16. Dave

    Any Ideas How To Save This GIF ?

  17. Dave

    Jessica Dol now a country gal.

    JDol announced on Facebook last August that she had left KEZO. It looks like she's returned to the airwaves 3/5 on 97.3 Real Country out of Blair. Congratulations to our own Zchick , JDol!
  18. Dave

    naawww, there ain't no racists in the tea party...

    Wow Baron, that's quite a necro bump
  19. Dave

    Meth - Dammit

    I have to convert it to a video format to get it on youtube, but here it is as an MP3.
  20. Dave

    SSL Enabled

    Now you can visit the archives and feel a little safer in your browsing. is now SSL enabled, which means that all pages within the site are served by a secure protocol. This may be transparent to most users, but if you have any questions about it, please ask away.
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