2010 Wall Street Reform


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The U.S. Senate passes this bill largely among party lines.

Upon reading the highlights of the bill from numerous sources, this bill has a lot of bark but no bite. Waterdown POS. This bill only establishes fixes for the consequences of irregular Wall Street practices, but no regulation on Wall Street!
:doh: They also left out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac :wtf:. More power to regulators, but who is regulating the regulators? Plus, why did they find it necessary to amend the section on allowing Americans to receive their credit scores unconditionally? The amendment changes it to allowing Americans to receive only if they get declined for large loans. I guess the banks and Credit Bureaus were able to convince Congress to still allow them to charge Americans $59.99 a year to get their credit scores.

This legislation is not Wall Street Reform; this is Wall Street "Fuckup" Reform.

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