Nebraska "dorkus Amongus" Must Have Already Been Taken


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Nebraska man changes name to Tyrannosaurus Rex

YORK, Neb. - A 23-year-old southeast Nebraska man has legally added Tyrannosaurus Rex to his name.​
The man entered the York County courtroom on Monday as Tyler Gold.​
Gold said in his public filing for the change that the dinosaur's name is cooler. Gold also says that "as an entrepreneur, name recognition is important and the new name is more recognizable."​
Judge Alan Gless asked Gold at Monday's hearing whether he wanted a new name so he could hide from creditors or law enforcement. Gold said no.​
Gless noted that Gold had gone through the proper legal channels for changing his name, so the judge granted Gold's request.​
Gold's new name is Tyrannosaurus Rex Joseph Gold.​

"Practice my T-Rex moves and make the scene"
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