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Eyeballs found in trash at Northland gas station

Police are seeking clues after someone found a pair of eyes sitting in a package on top of a trash bin outside a Northland gas station.

A stunned worker at a Conoco, located at Northwest 112th Street and Northwest Ambassador Drive, called police about 11:45 p.m. Wednesday. This came after the clerk found a cardboard box labeled "keep refrigerated."

A medical cooler inside contained what looked like a pair of human eyes. Later in the day Thursday, it was determined by police that they eyes were not human and were more than likely pig eyes.
"It was freaky walking out there to that box," the clerk, Latishia McClure, said, adding she never expected to find eyeballs and it was by far the strangest day at work she's ever had.

Surveillance video shows two men in a blue Toyota, possibly a Venza with Nebraska license plates, leaving the package on the trash bin.

An eye bank is located a few miles away from the gas station, but Young said no eye banks or hospitals in the area were awaiting delivery of any eyeballs.

The package was transported to the Jackson County Medical Examiner's office for safe keeping until authorities are able to investigate further.

Young said, since the eyes were found to not be human, the police department has determined no crime was committed and they will not be investigating further.​
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