Hugo - No more.... Hopefully....


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Jun 5, 2004
I mean, if something happened, don't you think they'd want to have him semi-embalmed and paraded through the streets?



TnTU Guru
May 19, 2005
Didn't want to start this, but Dave prodded it forward.....

All Presidents have been embalmed and paraded down Penn. Avenue then carried/flown to their final resting place.... President Lincoln was paraded from Washington to Illinois, by train, so everyone could mourn their loss. (And show off the new advancement of "Embalment")....

What I was saying was "Lets create a NATIONAL MARTYR " with the body of a dictator that has brain washed you to think that he is the best thing since sliced bread!!!! HE gives ALL!!!! HE provides for YOU!!!! HE is yer MOM and yer DAD!!!! HE will wipe yer ASS!!! Just ASK and HE will GIVE!!!!!

That is what the people of Hugo see.... That is what they worship.... That is what they think they are missing....

So, YES, Vike, Obama will be semi-embalmed and paraded thru the streets, Like all previous Presidents.... But I sure as hell hope he is not paraded thru the streets as the next savior, and preserved to lie in state for the next 100 years to be displayed at the Capitol Tundra......