It's Mike Kyle, not Mike Tyler


Scott Hamsem

I've seen Wikipedia a few times, somebody tries to correctly named "Tyler" as "Mike Kyle". His real name isn't "Mike Tyler".

What is the big hubbub about this? It's common knowledge on the internet today. Public records use his "real name", but somebody keeps editing it on Wikipedia.

Take a look:

Look at the history of the page:

Some dick by the name of Psychoscientist removes "Tyler"'s real name of "Mike Kyle", because of this obscure reason:
"(The host has given his real name in the air before, not fitting the one described here.)"

That's just a lie, so it's obviously somebody at the station. Here is a comparison of what the dbag edited:

That sounds like something Todd would while high, but it wasn't Todd because he wouldn't give a shit and neither of them are really that close anymore.


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Dick And Douche In DM

These guys are both f***tards, hypocritical, and liars.

They don't like to mention their age because of advertisers. They are both mid 50's, but don't want to say that because they don't want advertisers to know that they are not in the demographic they want to target. They want to keep their age "mysterious", like the "empire city" bullshit, also because they're at the age where their audience is a generation or too behind them. For chrissakes, Tyler just learned to search the internet last year.

Todd and Tyler are like the grumpy old men that would like to do something else for a job, but their current one pays well. Telling same fart jokes comes easy to them, and they'll mail it in as long as the checks keep coming.

There's a common misconception brought up on the show that both Todd and Tyler make the same amount of money in their contracts. Tyler has mentioned this a few times whenever contract negotiations are going on. They don't make the same amount of money. Mike (Tyler, Kyle, whatever he wants to be called) makes a lot more. This is from an inside source, a friend of a friend, etc. So you know it has to be true..... But it makes sense.

Mike gets paid a lot more money because Todd accepts it, he's more original and believable with his conversational tone. Mike has to laugh at every goddamn joke, and add the phrase "got it" about 5 times to every lame interview they do. He just tries too hard. By my prediction,Mike talks about twice as much as Todd, laughs 3 times as much, and they let Mike run the drops too, so there's probably an extra contract negotiated payment for that.

"thanks for listening!" Sure, and I'll keep on bitchin.:argue:

Scott Hamsen

Found a fun game to play if you drive in the morning to school, work, your mom's house, or whatever.

Go through all of your FM radio presets, when you punch in 93.2 Z-92, just try to hear anything other than a commercial, or forced fake laughter about a dick joke. I bet you won't.

Christ guys, you didn't want to be Bob and Tom, but that's what you've become. Bob and Tom are funnier though.



Tyler sucks ass

Thanks for info. guys. I'm going to start posting his real name, age, and address everywhere I can from now on. They are so fucking unfunny and offensive. It's time people have the option to confront these fat olds fucks about it personally. Good luck Mr. Kyle.
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