Jim Flowers out at WOWT


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I'm so late on this news of Flowers' exit, sometime in December 2012. The official report is that his contract was not renewed, but WOWT didn't give him a send off or anything after 30+ years of bad weather guessing at KETV and WOWT.

Thender filled me in on some information, that he is rumored to have been caught up in a massage parlor prostitution ring.

Redditor's claim the same thing:


The official WOWT response:
WOWT has informed Jim Flowers that it does not intend to enter into a new agreement for his services when his current agreement expires on December 31, 2012. WOWT appreciates Jim’s contributions to WOWT and thanks him for his many years of service.

On Facebook, Jim actually responded to WOWT's official announcement, but it sounds more like Jim was lawyered up. Somebody buy that man a massage gift certificate! No date given on the post, though.

Jim Flowers - meteorologist It's time to set the record straight. I have never been interviewed by the Omaha police department concerning any sting operation, past, present, or on going. I have never been interviewed by the FBI concerning any sting operation, past, present, or on going. I have never visited a massage parlor of any kind. I have never spoken with a grand jury concerning any sting operation of any kind.

According to the "Where's Jim Flowers" Facebook page, one rumor is that he's starting at KMTV (Channel Third) in March?

I like Jim WOWT's loss is KMTV's gain! It will be nice to see him back on the tube!
The only "spa/massage parlor" prostitution bust I can find was from April 2012. Could he have been involved in that? And the title on WOWT's site is "No Happy Ending For Spa" ?


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Rumor has it that Flowers will be showing up on KMTV in June. Perfect for the Death and Destruction that will be accompanying thunderstorms and tornados.


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Jim joined the Todd and Tyler Show on June 3rd to dispel the rumors and lie being spread about his alleged involvement with a "massage parlor".

Todd humorously apologized for using "Jim Flowers" as an alias client name while visiting the "full service" establishment.

Jim's the new weather guy on KMTV.

Tyler went on to mention how he and Todd never like to spread rumors about others in the business, and I almost drove into the ditch rolling my eyes at that.
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