Journal buying KM3


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I wonder if trav is feeling the heat now- since, for those of you that do not know-

Travs' boss at KMTV is Jim McKernan.

General Jim as he was called was travs boss at KPTM.

Jim was then hired by the company that owned Z-92 at the time.

Jim got trav involved with the show.

Jim was fired by Journal Broadcast group- and not a pretty firing as I remember.

Jim was hired by KMTV- or KMTraV- Jim then hired Trav. and they came up with this wacked out NO SPORTS/ OPINION crap- which obvoiusly isn't working.

Now with Journal buying KMTV it makes me wonder if General jim's head will be on the block- with trav being next-

only time will tell


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HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM,makes you think D,that it does. B)


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oooh... I finally got my lazy ass to post a story about the sale on the front page. Seemed like worthy TnT discussion.


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Here is the issue with that Journal gave Travis his own show. If Journal didn't like Travis they wouldn't have kept him on TnT this long and they wouldn't have given him his own show.
Although I do like hearing Todd and Tyler give Travis crap about it - like yesterday when Matt's voice replaced Travis' for the recorded phone numbers.


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trav is taking over. he's everywhere. soon the journal broadcast group will be called the 'travis broadcast group'. he'll be nation wide. 'for what it's worth' will become a one hour show and kick 60 minutes ass. he'll take on rome and kick his ass too. next thing we know he'll mix sports with news and opinion and take limbaugh out too. trav will become a nation wide media god. the catholic church will endorse him and he'll have millions of viewers and listeners before we know it. next stop the white house. smoking commercials will become legal on tv again. all hail trav!


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or he'll turn his suburban wide again and run it into the bosses mercedes and get fired on the spot; in which case, he will work at olive garden telling people that condom's are the devil and moonlight at harrahs as a valet...........or the media god thing could also happen...i guess.

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