Kibz The Blaze (three Eagles Communications) Threatens To Sue Listeners


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Wow, I thought the Blaze (but maybe Three Eagles) wasn't this kind of 'burn all bridges' type of place, but I guess it is. Maybe it's trying to be more like Clear Channel

Local radio company threatens listeners with lawsuits

Ted Pool wanted advertisers of Lincoln radio station The Blaze to know he and other listeners were not happy with changes in the station's morning show.​
So he sent emails to several of them expressing his concerns.​
The response, however, wasn't what he expected.​
On Feb. 16, he got an email from Sparks Willson Borges Brandt & Johnson, a law firm in Colorado Springs, Colo., representing The Blaze's parent company, Three Eagles Communications. The email said Pool's actions were "tortious" and asked him to "cease and desist from any further contact with Three Eagles' advertisers."​
The letter cited three Nebraska Supreme Court cases.​
"The extent of the damage which you have caused is not yet known, but Three Eagles intends to hold you responsible for that damage," said the letter signed by attorney David P. Steigerwald.​
"I was in shock," said Pool, who provided the Lincoln Journal Star a copy of the email he sent Three Eagles management and Blaze advertisers, as well as the letter he got from Three Eagles attorneys.​
"I didn't think the letter I wrote was threatening," Pool added. "I was just trying to draw attention to the petition and say I wasn't pleased with the content of the new show."​
Three Eagles Communications owns nearly 50 stations in Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota and South Dakota, including six in the Lincoln market. Its chairman and chief executive officer is Rolland Johnson, who lives in Colorado.​
On Feb. 10, Three Eagles announced it had contracted with popular morning show "The Todd n Tyler Radio Empire" to air on Lincoln active rock station The Blaze (KIBZ 104.1 FM).​
Originating from Omaha rock station Z92 (KEZO 92.3 FM) and distributed by the Benztown Radio Networks, "Todd n Tyler" features radio personalities Mike Tyler and Todd Brandt, who are known for their off-color humor, commenting on topics ranging from politics to sports to popular culture.​
To make room for the show, Three Eagles fired program director and morning show co-host Tim Sheridan, who had been with the station since it went on the air in 1992, and moved the other morning show co-host, Jon "Animal" Terry, to middays.​
"I'm kind of surprised but not totally surprised," Sheridan said at the time of his dismissal. "I've seen it happen to so many others. Longevity doesn't mean you're immune to being let go. It's just business."​
In response to Sheridan's dismissal and the cancellation of the morning show, Blaze fans began using social media -- among other things -- to voice their displeasure.​
They created a boycott page on Facebook, which has more than 500 members.​
They also started email and letter campaigns to Three Eagles management; put together a petition that has nearly 2,000 signatures; reached out to Blaze advertisers; printed T-shirts and staged a public event at a Lincoln sports bar.​
Since Pool received his letter, two other Blaze listeners, Geralynn Powell and Dan Gossard, said they also got cease-and-desist letters from the Colorado law firm in response to emails they sent to advertisers. None of the three has heard from Three Eagles directly.​
Gary Buchanan, Three Eagles president and chief operating officer, declined to comment about listener complaints or letters from Three Eagles attorneys, saying "this shouldn't be something (the Journal Star) should be concerned with."​
Pool, Powell and Gossard said they have complied with the letter and refrained from contacting Blaze advertisers, with Pool saying, "I've said my piece."​
The Blaze boycott through Facebook continues, but participation is waning, according to Richard Roeder, a Blaze listener and frequent contributor to the boycott page.​
"That's true," he said. "There's not a lot of us left. Those of us who were the most vocal either received a letter or have been talked to by employees of Three Eagles and told to quit it."​


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I'm a little late to this story (obviously), the above article was published on 4/11/2012, this is the lame response from Three Eagles on why they thought they needed to threaten listeners with lawsuits... I assume the Blaze will now only do media publishing business with the World Herald? I'm sure The Todd and Tyler Show will enjoy that.

Jeff Korbelik: Three Eagles provides reason for cease-and-desist letters

There are two sides to every story.​
Three Eagles Communications attorneys sent cease-and-desist letters to The Blaze (KIBZ 104.1 FM) listeners upset with changes to the morning show, because it felt calls and emails from those listeners to advertisers bordered on harassment.​
The Lincoln-based radio company, which operates nearly 50 stations in four states, including six in Lincoln, declined last week to comment to the Journal Star about the cease-and-desist notices but went on the record when The Associated Press -- a national news service -- and industry trade magazines picked up the story.​
Three Eagles CEO Rolland Johnson defended the legal action, telling "Inside Radio" that it succeeded in stopping the steady flow of emails to advertisers.​
"We had clients come to us and say, ‘What can you do about these people?'" Johnson told the trade magazine. "We said, ‘They're interfering with an opportunity to make money, and we think that's tortious interference."​
"Inside Radio" also raised an interesting point about how social media played into the story.​
Listeners formed a Facebook page to boycott the new morning show, posting a petition as well as a listing of advertisers of the new show and contact information for Three Eagles management.​
"In the past, if you annoyed a listener, there would be an irate phone call or letter," New York City attorney Scott Flick told "Inside Radio." "It's so much easier in a social media world to snowball now."​
Around the dial​
* In the wake of Wednesday's article, Three Eagles has decided to sever ties with Lincoln Journal Star staff members who appear on their stations.​
That's why you didn't hear L. Kent Wolgamott talk about movies Friday morning on KX 96.9 FM or KFRX as he's done for 20-plus years, or me on KFOR Monday morning dishing on TV happenings or the sports writers previewing the Nebraska football Spring Game on Sportsradio 1480's local talk shows.


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10/11 News (No Mel Maines though, sorry) has a blurb about all the hubbub:

Radio Firm Defends Threatening to Sue Listeners
The radio executives who approved sending stern letters threatening lawsuits to a handful of listeners in Lincoln, say they did so to protect their business.​
A few of the listeners unhappy with the new morning show on
Three Eagles Communications' The Blaze station in Lincoln had
organized a boycott of the show and contacted advertisers.​
The top two executives at Three Eagles Communications, Rolland
Johnson and Gary Buchanan said that some of the unhappy listeners were harassing the station's advertisers by flooding their inboxes with email.​
Johnson and Buchanan say they had the company's lawyers send
letters to three people about a month after the morning show
change. They say most listeners have been happy with the switch.​


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Been off the grid for a while, but these pukes in Lincoln sound like someone who needs a beatdown, I mean serious tongue-lashing. Seriously? You are going to stop the TNT sledgehammer? Nitestokker is back and that ain't gonna happen.


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It's just screwed up, you can like or hate the show, but come on, a dying format trying to sue listeners for complaining and contacting advertisers?

Anybody listening from Lincoln on here? Who are some of these advertisers? Any local ones?


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Havent heard how many listeners Three Eagles have sued, but according to Rod Overton on Facebook, he has inside knowledge that Todd and Tyler are DONE on The Blaze.

Also, there hasn't been a link on The Blaze's web site to the TnT Radio Empire for quite a while. Hmmmm....

Thanks for listening

Rod's Rant:
Okay here's what I've been told by someone associated with the new ownership of the stations and she told me nothing is set in stone but looking like will happen. Todd n Tyler will NOT see 2015 on the Blaze morning show. The old owners and new owners are way fed up with all the complaints of them and would have dropped the no talent assclowns long ago but had to clear up some FCC complaints! Those hurt radio stations for those are fines and with radio a slow dieing media, they can't afford to lose money. Goof riddance!!!!!!!
It all started long ago when we all did our absolute best to get rid of those moosepiles, making the then owners seriously rethink their decision. Lawsuits against listeners? What a joke. We had them all quaking for a while.
Now that being said had Todd n Tyler would have been a more gracious morning show when they got the gig, they got it for their asking price of fucking free, I would have tuned them in more. But instead the 2 days I did listen all those cocksuckers did was giggle, snicker like jr.high girls and rubbed our face in it. "We're your morning show deal with it" "Nice facebook page" "Here's our first joke of the day". I slammed them on this page, calling them asshats and the VERY next day they say the word asshats. Meanwhile they forget about their 10 other listeners in the other markets they are on who have zero idea whats so funny to them nor whats going on.
Show some humbleness cockbags. Show some gratitude monkeysacks. Show some professionalism dog nut eaters(They have ate them).
A married father is put out of a job in a very limited job field and they think it's funny and awesome . The proverbial saying is "Act like you've been there before". They put Tim out of a job, as they'll do the show for a fucking dime, and they probably couldn't masterbate furiously any faster.
I think all the drugs they did in the 90's have not only rotted their teeth but the part of their brain that shows gratitude. They took over the Blaze morning show and they rub their tiny dicks in those listeners faces.
Unprofessional. They got it, they won a battle for a while but they've lost the war..
No idea on who or what the new show will be. It will probably not be local jocks, so don't think Tim and The Animal are coming back. It's a show with a "More midwestern feel and little more of a sports theme".
Sorry for the language. I meant Toad and Tired.*s


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The new year is upon us, and I assume that the Radio Empire is still broadcasting in Lincoln on KIBZ?


It's 2018 and Todd n Tyler are still on KIBZ. I enjoy the show so I'm glad they are still on!
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