March Madness 2008 ( Bracket Contest)


Wanna Bet???
can 2 people pick the same team ??
For the betting?

Yes, It's just a pool of money that goes to whoever correctly bets the winner. The more money you have bet on the winner the larger percentage of the pot you would win.

Let's say the pool is 150,000 throcks.

You have 5000 throcks wagered on the winner and Anus has 2500 throcks wagered. You are the only two who correctly wagered on the winner for a total of 7500 throcks between the two of you.

Your share is 2/3 and Anus 1/3 meaning you would get 100k and Anus would get 50k.

You could also win a lot with very little wagered. If the pot was 150,000 and somebody placed a 10 throck bet on themselves and they won then they would get the entire 150,000 if nobody else bet with them.


Wanna Bet???
So what will make it real interesting is if I throw down 10 million on myself and I don't win.

Let's say Anus wins and he is the only person who bet on his team. He gets 100% of the pool regardless if he bet 1 throck or millions of throcks.

Now lets say Mike wins and bet 100k on himself. Well sneaky Anus also put down 25k on mike to win.

Now Anus is going to get about 20% of that pool or around 2 million of it with Mike getting the rest.
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