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OK guys, so here's the deal: We're in the beginning stages of designing a new website for the show and we'd like your input. Think about other websites that you like and what makes them good websites. Think about what you want to see on the TNT site. The sky's the limit. Tell us what you'd like and we'll definitely take it into consideration.

We're kind of assuming that most (or at least some) of the people that are regulars to this site are a bit more computer saavy that we are. I don't think we're going TOO far out on a limb on that. I, personally, know a little bit about a little bit, but not enough to design a website. So give us your opinions, (Keep them positive. Tell us what you like, not what you don't like.) your thoughts and your wishlist for this new site.

Post your comments to this thread and we'll check it out over the next little bit and let you know when the new site is ready to go.

Thanks in advance!



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Lots of hot chicks on the new website is a great idea. I don't look at other radio station websites so I don't have anything to compare to the Z's website.


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Okay...You should really ponder the idea of having a live webcam viewable during the show (via the website). It doesn't have to have voice, since you got the streaming and it is better quality I am sure thru that...but to see the inside of the studio and the boys facial gestures, etc... would totally rock.

Nothing dirty though boys! Unless you can gets Craigs 3'some caught on tape.


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Puss, thanks for allowing us to have some input on the site!

I have done some web design and what I like is a site that is easy to navigate and not bogged down with heavy graphics or flash animation. It also needs to be FireFox friendly.

Also, updates as warranted so we know whats going on with you guys on a regular basis.

And access to some audio bytes that Tyler plays would be great.


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Agrees with OB1
Firefox friendly a MUST
"Easy to navigate and not bogged down with heavy graphics or flash animation"
Big Puss,

Thanks for this forum. I have a few suggestions.

* How about archiving the podcasts? And not just for the last couple of days or last week, but each day, week, month, and year. I subscribe to Coast To Coast AM with George Noory and on their web site, you can download any show from any day or month for the last 5 years.

* Often, a TnT segment will either have a dead link, or some other glitch making the segment unable to download. Perhaps instructions could be given on how to obtain these segments through other means. Because not everyone knows about using the URL and changing the "m1" to access other weekday segments (t2 for Tuesday's 2nd segment, w3 for Wednesday's 3rd segment, etc.).

* How about bringing back TnT On Demand? Not just for popular segments, but also for featured songs like J Dol singing "Uranus".

* How about a photo page where we could see pics of TnT events, and studio guests. Such a TnT page currently exists, but only on the Z-92 web site, for some reason.

All I can think of off-hand.

Thanks again,


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Yes on the web cam in the studio, out front by the smoking area and behind the dumpster.
Pictures of the cast proportionally naked that you can dress up in funny clothes and print out for birthday cards.
How about an area where you can sign up to get a birthday card with some of Todd and Craig's bud and a swatch of Trav's back hair. Oh, and something that would send the most loyal listeners a Christmas card, or whatever frickin' holiday you celebrate, with a centerfold of Craig and his sexy feet.
How about a contest to win a day behind the scenes so you could go and watch the show and eat a bunch of the free food they get.
A section where you could bet daily on how many times Trav says he was a virgin or how many times Craig stops talking and just sits there.
Update the cast bio's to look like the one's in Playboy with penis length and favorite sex positions as questions.
That's it for now.


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A pic of craig would be cool. I don't know about a webcam, seems kinda boring unless TnT are doin sexy stuff on it.


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i like megan idea about a contest for like a day pass with tnt sit in the studio hang out that would be really cool i think and only members of the site can win


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megan just wants to know how big travis penis is lol


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These are just my opinions

This probably can't happen, but get off the Micorsoft IIS server, and use linux and PHP or Python, and mysql or postgresql for a database. You can find a lot more (and cheaper) people to develop interactive web sites with that than you can with ASPX and IIS.

I would purchase some kind of CMS software so that T&T, cast members , or whoever, can add/edit pages and stories, and not have to deal with HTML pages. That would probably bring the biggest benefit. Then you wouldn't necessarily have to rely on the geek just to add or update something on the web site, such as removing Jeremy's name from the list of cast members.

I would shy away any black backgrounds. Although they look "rock out" cool, it can be hard to get some colors and images to work with it consistently.

The scroll is useful ("friends of the empire"), but more useful if it contains current data, such as "this week on tnt". If it isn't current, then scrolling doesn't provide a lot of benefit.

"Craig's News" is an image on the home page. Is it supposed to link to something?

We're in the 21st Century now. Is it necessary to include a link to JBG's EEO report?

The most recent podcast would be nice to have available right on the front page, as well as a listen live window. Without having to click multiple times to get there.

A better image gallery system would be nice. Or at least a way to have somebody edit the picture titles to show what visitors are looking at.

To reduce spam, replace all the email links with an email form that people to use to send email to the show. Use one form, and have the visitor choose who they want to send an email too, "the show", "todd", "tyler" "craig" "travis", whoever. That way, email addresses aren't available for spam bots to pick up.

A little Flash can go a long way, but not too much.


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How about archiving the podcasts?

Yes, the current system of delivering the podcasts isn't up to par with itunes and other software. I would probably get a third party to handle the podcasts, just send them the MP3's and let them worry about archives and bandwidth.


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I like the idea of the in studio camera with no sound, but to make it work and not look retarded they'd have to get it to work with the delay on the radio.


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i like megan idea about a contest for like a day pass with tnt sit in the studio hang out that would be really cool i think and only members of the site can win
"Empire" people! I am don't driving my lazy ass all the way to Nebraska unless there are some HUSKER tickets included.:tup: :tup:


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'Bout a interactive soundboard with all the "lines that stuck to the tape" so we could put them together and make absurd statements. That would be fun.

How about REAL pics and bios of the cast and crew of show and a little show history. Iv'e listened to these guys for a damn decade now and I don't really know much about them other than what I can piece together from listening. Guys could give up a little semi-personal info, hobbies,family, activities, dislikes, acomplishments, intrests crap like that. We all listen during some of our most personal momments, they could give up a little personal stuff as well.


Yadda Yadda !!!! Who asked ya ?????
boiler' please tell me your joking. You cannot piece together all that from what they have said so far?:shake:
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