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Yadda Yadda !!!! Who asked ya ?????
well then, I guess you should start taking notes..

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PORNO & lots of it

I'm not a graphic or web designer. Guess you couldn't have got that idea from my site.

Just my 2¢:

I would like a simple faster loading site on the main page. Flash is nice but very sloooooooow loading when traffic is high.

Webcam would be very cool but I would never get to watch it unless it was on the 3rd shift replay and your webhost would shiat when they saw the traffic. I'll still vote for the webcam though.

<kidding>Need a good picture of Craig and I think the whole site should be designed around that.
The boys need to start a blog and as soon as the show is over they can blog about what they talked about.</kidding>

I have top get back to work so I will think and add more later.

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i'm with dickpayne ([email protected])
try to avoid the flash crap
especially for us slow computer users
or a "skip" button that's easy to find

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how bout links to weather from all over the empire
or upcomming events in all cities
links to the other radio stations sites
I'm curious as to why so many people are asking for a web cam as an idea. If you've been listening to TnT as long as I have, you'd know that they have repeated, add nauseam, that they do NOT want a web cam in their studio. For several reasons:

* They've said that their daily attire wouldn't exactly be the image the Empire would want to see.

* Certain guests might not be comfortable being on camera.

* Often TnT will eat in the studio and they probably don't want their messy faces for the Empire to see.

* Craig certainly doesn't want to be on camera.

* And do any of us really want to see Travis's fat ass on there very day? Sorry Megan.



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Yeah, I think we can all agree that the "Empire" doesn't always listen to the staff or really give a crap about what they want. Its about the money, honey.

If a webcam brought in more listeners, they wouldn't bat an eye.
Todd N Tyler could continue to dress how they wish. I can't imagine they are so worried about image. Image is in not what you wear but how you present yourself. Viewers wouldn't want those boys lookin any other way.

Guests on camera. I could see some being uncomfortable. I am sure there are alternatives for them, accomodations.

It likely wouldn't happen but it was a suggestion, which is what he asked for.


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Ok..just a few thoughts (I will post more when I have more time)..

The only issue with the email being an automated form that you fill out like Dave suggested instead of listing their email addresses is that if you use a form then you don't have to include your email address it would be generated from the website. So if someone sends them a nasty or threatening email it isn't as easy to track.

I would also like to say that since Pussy started this thread and asked for our thoughts, that we should be serious with this.

Perhaps a webcam for special events like if they do another calendar, maybe something like that just for special things or only for a small period of time or maybe just a clip that you can download - like a virtual tour of the studio. I don't really think that a webcam is something that would be cool to have everyday.

Things like links to photos - if they are journal events than they wouldn't go on the TnT radio empire website. But I am sure the photos from the upcoming Vegas trip would be on there on TnT radio empire site since they are taking listeners from all 3 cities.

I actually like the fake bios.. It doesn't take long to figure out their lives - they are pretty open.


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I guess my main question is: what is the plan...what do TnT want to accomplish with the website?

Do they just want something entertaining, something that increases traffic? If so, I suggest weekly polls, perhaps even a forum, arcade-esque games...things that might draw listeners to the webpage as well as any person online looking for free arcade games. I think TnTU already fulfills this, to a certain degree, but they might like the idea of being able to create new polls every week on their own site.

Another way to increase traffic on the Empire site would be through online contests/giveaways, if this could occur on a semi-frequent basis--but it sounds like money might be an issue (*cough*contracts*cough*)

Do TnT just want to update their site to be more current? Then I would suggest implementing that area titled "Craig's News" (I imagine it was going to contain links), new bios, a more user-friendly photos section, a calendar of events...stuff like that. Also, a larger collection of podcast archives, as well as a better way of displaying them on the page, would be nice. I won't get technical because I can't, but I'm sure there are more interesting ways to display podcast links.

If TnT want more online interaction, I suggest perhaps having blog capabilities; Todd could watch the current day's blog and respond at will, in a similar fashion to what he does with their Myspace account. But, as I just mentioned...TnT already seem to have that capability, at least on Myspace, for limited interaction with a community of fans online. Unfortunately, they don't log on and respond to much on the TnTU site anymore, choosing instead to occasionally skim recent show threads and mention polls on the site during the shows...but this greater interactivity on the site would most likely lead to more traffic, keep a part of the site current, and allow listeners to communicate with TnT differently than e-mail and phone calls.

Another way to increase interactivity, at least through entertainment, would be to include DP's South Park TnT clips, since YouTube chose to eat half of much money is being spent on bandwidth, again:woot:?

Since it is an Empire website, I think it would be great if TnT showed a connection with the different markets. Again, I have no idea, but if TnT ever visit all the areas one or both could write a little synopsis about their visit(s) and what they thought of the markets. Perhaps some interactive map could be created to show where TnT started (Omaha) and where they began to expand to...this might be an interesting feature as more are added (assuming they don't pack up and move to Seattle)

In addition, I don't think the current site does an adequate job of selling the show. If I were some person who happened to stumble across the site, I really wouldn't know what it was all about. Addressing this in some manner might be a good idea especially if the plan is to keep expanding the Empire

To sort of steal from TnTU's forums page, perhaps the guys can get some of their more frequent celebrity guests to provide a nice, short quote about how great the show is...if only to take up some space on the home page

And to comment on most of the other posts here, I like quite a few of the ideas being thrown around, and most are certainly worthy of at least being mentioned to TnT. I must agree with some here--I don't think a webcam is really needed (comparing the cost of setting one up, syncing it to the audio stream...I think that money should be spent on making the site better)

I know this is long, but I guess I don't know what TnT want from the new site. Perhaps something said in this entire thread will give them ideas to help develop the site. One thing is for certain, though--try to at all times work with Myspace and TnTU websites instead of compete with them

Also, a nice large link to TnTU would be great :tup:

P.S. It is clearly too late (or early) and I must've rambled through this post. Feel free to rip through it...I'm sure a good chunk of it is crap (read: wishful thinking or just plain stupid)


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ahhhh my brain is frying after reading that


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The only issue with the email being an automated form that you fill out like Dave suggested instead of listing their email addresses is that if you use a form then you don't have to include your email address it would be generated from the website. So if someone sends them a nasty or threatening email it isn't as easy to track.
That's not true, it can still be tracked to the IP where it came from. If it was really a threatening email, they could forward it to the police, and they can investigate where it came from.

All you'd have to do is put on the form "Your IP address of and host name of will be included in your message"

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i guess my own big question is
how would an actual TNT website (other than the one now)
really be all that different than their MYspace page
seems like much of what we've suggested is already there


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Yeah, we do that with our league site. Anyone who sends comments also gets their IP addy along with it. So, whether we got their email or not, we have their IP.

Special occasions for the webcam would be fun but that syncing would be hard.


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No - But I am the moderator and it is my job to keep the top half of the threads (the TnT threads) on topic. Don't make me :whack: you.. (haha)


Yadda Yadda !!!! Who asked ya ?????
No,she's not. But, he started this with the thought that if anybody could come up with decent ideas about what to put into their website, it would be us. I am sorry, I am as guilty as the rest of you, if not more when it comes to joking around, but please fellow TnTU family members, let's just keep this one with honest, ans serious ideas please... I'm sorry I had to do this..

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