Petey Mac HE GONE!


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Most people that don't get contracts renewed just disappear. It seemed like petey was slipping with the sports.

I'm surprised Puss is still around. They usually only keep producers about 5 years or so. I think Beastmaster, Donnie, and Jeremy all lasted 5 or 6 years each. I think Big P has been there 10 or more.


Huh that sucks.

I'm apparently the weird one who liked Petey. I didn't really notice things slipping. It's not like they've ever put a lot of focus on sports anyway.

I figured it wasn't good news when there's been zero mention of him this week. I know radio is its own animal, but it still seems odd not even a one sentence "petey is no longer with the show", at least not that I've heard though I'm not fully caught up. They act like he was never there, which is super weird since he was on the show probably 7 or 8 years.

I would have thought if they were going to let him go, they would have done it when he was missing shows due to his drinking. Maybe there was more similar stuff going on like that they didn't make public.
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