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Please use this thread to ask any questions about the new TnTU platform, and I'll try to provide some FAQ's regarding changes from the old system.


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Where is the arcade, photo album, and the Throck Bookie system?
Gone for now, they may reappear in the future depending on development. Photo album images are backed up and will reappear as soon as a good album modification is available.

Where can I edit my preferences?
Hover over your name at the top right of the page, and click an option, or visit this page.

How do I use bbcodes?
They are mostly the same, visit this page for more information. The biggest change is the face that youtube videos will mostly autoembed just by pasting the URL, such as
Results in:


Where are the TnTU Smilies?
I'm working on getting the originals added back in.
I think I have all the smileys from the old TNTU imported now. If you see strange words with a ":" in front of them, it's probably a smiley that wasn't import, so let me know and I'll find out where it is.
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