Rip J Medicine Hat


Staff member mourns the loss of the Todd and Tyler Radio Empire's greatest guest and "Prior American", Jent Alan Monk, aka "J Medicine Hat".

According to a couple of unconfirmed Facebook sources, J collapsed in a Wal-Mart and died while doctors were trying to relieve pressure on his brain.

J was a proud Lakota Sioux Indian, and personally, I was proud to have met him and hear his art for telling the perfect story, as well as be entertained by his comedic presence, and hypnotist acts.

J always wore his heart on his sleeve, and no topic of his personal life was taboo to radio. He was "the greatest guest ever" for the Todd and Tyler Radio Empire, and he'll be sorely missed.

Please share your own personal favorite J Medicine Hat stories or performances here so that he can be remembered in eternity.

Some of my personal favorite "Hat" stories...

Official J Medicine Hat site:

Lakota Prayer for the Dead

GrandMother East:
From you comes the sun which brings life to us all; I ask that you have the sun shine on my friends here, and bring a new life to them -- a life without the pain and sadness of the world; and to their families, bring your sun for they also need your light for their lives.

GrandFather South:
You bring the storms from the south which brings the rains to nourish us and our crops. Be gentle when you fall on my friends; and as the rain touches them, let it wash away the pain and sadness that they carry with them.

GrandMother West:
You take the sun from us and cradle it in your arms, then you bring darkness onto us so that we may sleep. When you bring the darkness to my friends here, do so without the nightmares that we have had for so long. Let your stars and moon shine on my friends in a gentle manner; and as they look at the stars, they remember that those stars are the spirits of my friends shining on them and those friends are at peace.

GrandFather North:
You are the Warrior, you have ridden alongside my friends here into battle, you have also felt their love and caring when you were wounded or lonely; ride alongside of them, for now they are in this the hardest battle for their life, the battle for inner peace. Now is the time for you to care for them.

GrandFather Sky:
May your songs of the winds and clouds sweep the pain and sadness out of my friends' hearts; as they hear those songs, let them know the spirits who are with those songs are at peace.

GrandMother Earth:
I have asked all the other GrandFathers and GrandMothers to help my friends rid themselves of the troubles that weigh so heavy on their hearts. This way, the weight they carry will be less; and they will walk more softly on you.

GrandMother Earth, from your womb all spirits have come when they return to you; cradle them gently in your arms and allow them to join their friends in the skies. If they want to hurry themselves to you, tell them you are not ready; and they must wait, for now they can pass on peace to others.

May the Great Spirit watch over you, and may you be at peace.



TnTU Grade School
J. Medicine Hat, A man seldom without something to say, the loss of J. will leave A deafening silence! Ironic that is all he asked for when putting his subjects (victims) under...You can't replace A Legend but you can honor their memory,He never failed to entertain, educate, & make me laugh till it hurt! Good travels to your happy hunting grounds J............


Staff member
"J, what's the difference between basic amphetamines and methamphetamines?"
"The meth"

From Lendog on facebook, some of his favorite J bits....




From Shawn Gnandt on facebook:
"Entrancing the doctor with a floor light, master hypnotist J Medicine Hat faked his own death in what is being hailed as, "The Best Closing Bit Ever".
RIP my friend. I will miss your contagious laugh.


Staff member
Getting his compound ready for a BBQ, and he got bit by a copperhead, and he ran into the house sweating bullets and his wife says "What happened!?", J replies "I got bit by a snake!", and his wife yells "Well, I guess the f'in BBQ is off!"

J going out doing some work on a back hoe, with a fifth of Jack and a bag of corn chips, and then passing out trying to get on the back hoe, and waking up with ants all over his face and in his nose.


oh bee one
I was just stunned when I turned on the radio, started listening to the boys, and suddenly voice guy comes on about J. I literally stopped in the middle of my work and said a prayer...for J, his family and friends, and for T n T for continued strength to get through the show.

He will be greatly missed. May he rest in eternal peace...

chief longstaff

ohio podcast listener
The first time I went to the Funny Bone J was there and I have been a huge fan of his since. I went and saw him a couple times here in Cincinnati a couple years ago and he was still a great show. His fans will truly miss his humor and ability to make you beg to stop laughing.



One of the remaining few!
I never made it to one of his show, but I knew he was a great friend of TnT. It is a bummer that he left this planet too early.


TnTU Guru
He was an awesome guest of the show!!! Loved listening them when I had a chance to go the bank in the morning... If Jay was on I would sit in my pickup truck and listen until the next commercial break....


Staff member
J never ran out of good stories and was always a "must hear" guest of the show. Probably the strongest guest they've ever had
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