socialist europe needs to pay their own way

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Sodomy for Hire, Solicting for Immoral Purposes
Barney Frank and Ron Paul: Cut Military Spending | WBUR and NPR - On Point with Tom Ashbrook

Wednesday, July 14, 2010 at 10:00 AM EDT
Barney Frank and Ron Paul: Cut Military Spending
Tea Party favorite Ron Paul and Liberal Democrat Barney Frank both want to slash the US military’s big budget. They join us, together.
Congressmen Barney Frank (D-MA) and Ron Paul (R-TX) (AP)

Ron Paul, ’08 GOP presidential contender, is a conservative libertarian leading light and tea party hero. Barney Frank is a no-apologies liberal Democrat.
They agree on one big thing. America’s giant military budget must be cut, in a giant way: a trillion-dollar cut over the next decade.
We can’t afford our own security policy, say Frank and Paul. And it’s not making us secure. It’s time for a new strategy, they say. Time to put the vast Pentagon budget on the table, and start slashing
This hour, On Point: conservative Ron Paul and liberal Barney Frank go after American defense spending.
- Tom Ashbrook
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Barney Frank, Democratic Congressman representing the 4th district of Massachusetts since 1980. He is Chairman of the Financial Services Committee. Frank, along with Ron Paul (R-TX), Walter Jones (R-NC), and Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) are calling for more than $1 trillion in cuts in the military budget over the next ten years.
Ron Paul, Republican Congressman representing the 14th district of Texas since 1997, which includes Galveston. He has run for president twice, once in 1988 as the nominee for the Libertarian Party and again in 2008 as a candidate for the Republican Party.
Daniel Goure, Vice president of the Lexington Institute, a public policy think tank. He was a member of the 2001 Department of Defense Transition Team. He is former director of the Office of Strategic Competitiveness in the Office of the Secretary of Defense.


One of the remaining few!
The way to start is to pull out of Afghanistan and the Middle East. We have to stop policing the World and worry about our own problems.

The war in Afghanistan is sucking our resources, in a similar manner the Soviet Union exhausted theirs in the '80s.

lilyvon schtupp

Sodomy for Hire, Solicting for Immoral Purposes
actually, more of their point was having bases where there's no longer a threat or need such as japan, germany, france.
it was very eye-opening that the reason these socialist countries can afford health care, child care, full unemployment, 3 mos vacation a year for their citizens is because AMERICA is the one paying for their military and defense
Without America paying their bills they couldn't sustain their socialist ways.
America needs to pay for americans...
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