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lilyvon schtupp

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maybe their switching it on and off
in a manner of speaking

does the "no call" law apply to spam?
other than sheer rage, there seems little you can do


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I believe the no call lists only applies to phone lines. A few few weeks ago I thought there was a news story that people needed to update their request to be placed on do not call lists, since their original request expired. I only caught part of the story so I'm not sure what the full story was about.


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Most company wont call cell phones


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The expiration of the first do not call ( numbers are in 2008, so we aren't quite there yet. You'll still be inundated with political and "charitable" organizations though.

Any phone call (political or charitable) that shows up as "blocked" on my phone gets a rude answer from me. I gotta be able to see your phone number if you're going to be calling my house.

lilyvon schtupp

Sodomy for Hire, Solicting for Immoral Purposes
i get tons of calls from satellite providers
not much else
what i hate is when they call me but they don't answer
i should start speaking spanish to them and see what asshole is on the other end...


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The biggest spammer in Omaha suckers the OWH into creating an article about the site "closing forever".

But of course, the spammer isn't closing forever. A new reveal will be ... uh "revealed" soon...

This may be an even BIGGER spam operation.

I suspect a simple name change, or a move to Facebook. I'm on the edge of my seat waiting!

FYI: "Luna" happens to be the name of the "company pet"/"ball expert" for DKA Designs.
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