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Friday 10-17-03

Todd and Tyler started off their show this morning by welcoming Black Tony to the studio. The gang spent a bit of time discussing the Kobe trial and how the girl he allegedly banged is allegedly an alleged whore, allegedly. TnT also read over an early morning letter from a Lincoln resident that hates them. Obviously a Husker fan from the tone of the letter, the author went on and on about the TnT show and why he doesn’t like it yet admitted that he still listens all the time. “We win then,” exclaimed Tyler, pointing out that no matter how much someone hates the show, if they still listen TnT really don’t care. The guys also discussed a bit of baseball with the Yankees winning their game last night.

Last Friday during Black Tony’s visit to the show, a brother named Mel and a sister named Tonya phoned in and gave Tony a hard time for not being black enough. TnT invited the two to stop by the studio this morning and school Tony on how to be more black. Tonya showed up early in today’s program and after seeing how skinny Black Tony is, she said something to the effect of, “I don’t have the heart to slam him”
after referring to Tony as a “peanut head”. TnT spent time talking with Tonya and Tony about the problems in the black community and how they can overcome some of their social issues. Tonya then turned the conversation around to focus on her, as she described the type of man she digs. Much to their surprise, she told TnT she’s not apposed to dating a white guy as long as he has teeth and a job.

Later, Mel showed up and quizzed Tony on various North O. addresses. After Tony answered a few of his questions, Mel didn’t seem satisfied enough that Tony did indeed grow up in the hood. Callers checked in during the lessons in blackness session, too. Some had questions for Tonya on man preferences while others just wanted to ride Tony’s West O. ass. It turned out to be not only an insightful conversation and examination of the social dynamics of the black community, but it was also funny as hell.

BW, oddly silent while the brothers and sister were in studio, spoke up after they left and delivered this morning’s newscast. There was another sex for rent story, talk of the West Nile virus, news of a drug dealer’s house being auctioned off, and talk of the Unabomber’s brother coming to Lincoln to speak out against the death penalty. There was also talk of a bunch of Nigerian children being rescued from a granite quarry, a story about low fat pizza, and a heartwarming story about a man that attacked two dogs with a pickaxe and a hatchet. Before wrapping up the news, Tyler took a few moments to explain the dynamics of a boner response-measuring machine, which he saw on Prime Time Thursday last night.

Larry the Cable Guy checked in this morning with a hilarious follow-up to yesterday’s discussion about his trip to the doctor yesterday afternoon. Larry got his butt fingered so he focused today’s entire commentary on that. It was hilarious. I suggest you check out the 3 rd Shift Replay to get Larry’s description of the vent, as this update would definitely not do it justice.

And speaking of not doing anything justice, Travis Justice stopped in this morning and delivered today’s sports report. Along with talk of the MLB and World Series and his recent FWIW commentaries and feedback, Travis told us his Lock of the Week is Wisconsin +1 at home against Perdue.

Later in the show, J Medicine Hat from the Funny Bone stopped in. He talked with the guys about splitting up from his pie eating wife and how he plans on landing in Boise in the near future. He also put TnT in contact with a good buddy of his from Buffalo, NY. TnT phoned him, Vic, and Vic shared a story about how he and a friend of his beat the crap out of a secret service guy at a bar that got all hammered up and punched his girlfriend. The story was hilarious, due to Vic’s New York style delivery. By the way, you can catch Medicine Hat at the Bone all weekend by phoning 493-8036.

Lancer Coach Mike Hastings stopped in this morning and talked with TnT about this season of hockey. Along with talk of how the team looks and who is their muscle, they discussed netting, getting pucked in the nuts, the increasing width of goalie pads over the last few years, and how much more wimpy today’s players are than those of just 10 years ago. Coach also told TnT a funny story about a recent evening when he came home late. His wife thought he was out with the boys and gave him a hard time about it but in reality, he was coaching a game. Everyone thought it was a bit funny that Hastings’ wife had no idea that he was coaching a game when she could have turned on the TV, checked the paper, or viewed any of the magnetic schedules plastered to the Hastings family fridge.

Along the same lines as their hockey talk, Todd and Tyler drafted their players for this year’s broom ball game, which takes place during the first intermission at tonight’s Lancer game at the MAC in Council Bluffs. Todd and Tyler read off the names of all of the TV people who will be participating and then took a few minutes to select who would be on whose team. The gang went over the list pretty quickly and I didn’t get the chance to jot down the names of all of the TV people that will be on each of their teams so if you’re curious, go out and see the guys play broom ball tonight! A note should be mentioned, though, that the very last player picked of the ~25 was James the Giant Siv.

BW came in later in the show with today’s e-news. The gang talked about how James Garner is going to play a grandfather on the “8 Simples Rules” TV show to replace the whole left by John Ritter, there was talk of a former KISS band member being shot in the ass at an LA restaurant by a random lunatic, and BW quizzed TnT on soda pop.

That about does it for today’s update. Remember to join the guys at the MAC tonight for their annual broom ball game. Tune in Sunday at 10pm for the 3 rd Shift Replay of this morning’s show and rejoin the guys on Monday at 5:30am for a new week of programming. Thanks for watching. Good night. -Corby-
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