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Monday 10-20-03

Todd and Tyler started off their show this morning with some talk about Friday night’s broom ball game during the Lancer’s intermission. TnT were surprised to hear some boos coming from the crowd when they were announced but after a little thought, they felt flattered that after 10 years of being in Omaha people still have an opinion of them. The guys moved on to discuss a little Husker football. Neither of them watched much, if any, of the game. They both opted to take advantage of the great weather and they went out for bike rides. Having not seen any of the game, the guys didn’t have much to say about the Husker’s performance. They did, though, make some comments on how Tommy Frazier stated that the Huskers match up nicely with Oklahoma. TnT both agreed that the statement is ridiculous.

The guys then talked a little NFL before going into a lengthy rant about how that stupid ass elitist piece of crap, the Kingdom Of Quivira”, is beginning again, as detailed in the Sunday paper. The guys celebrated the event by playing their sound clip of the annual “busting of the hymen”.

BW came in a bit later and spent some time talking with TnT about the “Husker nation” radio broadcast of Saturday’s game. Brian didn’t realize the game was on TV so he listened to it on the radio in his garage. He ranted at length about the suck ass homer broadcast, which TnT happily joined in on. That then led to talk of some recent “Morons in the grandstands” letters related to the Huston punch, letters from people still blindly supporting the football player because he’s dressed in red. During this conversation, TnT were joined in studio by former Husker Rob Zatechka, who spent some time hanging out with TnT this morning and joining in on the conversations of the day.

BW later delivered this morning’s news report. There was talk about Daub helping raise money for McPherson’s legal defense fund, details on the recent sex for rent story, and reports that Lake McConaughy will dry up by 2005. The gang also spent a bit of time discussing Wang Chung, a Lincoln area sneaker thief, and fish on Prozac.

TnT phoned last week’s winner of the Flyaway contest. Brenda from Fremont plans to take her husband, a Vikings fan, on the trip with her. She seemed quite excited to win. Following their conversation with her, TnT talked about this week’s giveaway.

Travis came in with today’s sports report a bit later. His Lock of the Week didn’t come in so he’s now 3-5 on the season. Trav went ahead and did today’s sports report, discussed his ideas for writing a book on his messed up childhood, and he talked the Pope’s tilted head with Todd and Tyler before shimmying off to KM3.

Cinda, one of TnT’s speed daters for Monday Night Football tonight, stopped in today and said hi to the guys. She talked with TnT briefly about the types of men she likes, seeming quite interested in the speed dating experience as a whole. Earlier in the show, TnT got a phone call from the other speed dater of the day. I didn’t catch her name because I was laughing too hard at BW impersonating her raspy, smoker’s voice as he made fun of her for sounding like one of Marge Simpson’s sisters. Stop out to Brewsky’s tonight for the MNF party and speed dating.

J Medicine Hat came in this morning and spent the remainder of the show hanging out with TnT. He went off on a rant about other wannabe hypnotists coming to his shows here in Omaha lately trying to figure out how they can bypass years of hard work, like Hat put in, and become an overnight success. Hat also joined in on the other topics of the morning and seemed to have a good time hanging out with TnT. You can catch him tonight only at the Funny Bone for his special x-rated show. Call the Bone at 493-8036 for Indian reservations.

Todd and Tyler interviewed Eric Bogosian this morning. He’s appearing in the new movie about the life of porn star John Holmes titled, “Wonderland”. Eric discussed the film for a bit, giving details on the sorted murder scene that the film centers on and how the porn star got mixed up in dealings with LA’s biggest drug dealer at the time. Eric went on to talk a bit more about some of his other film rolls, such as in “Under Siege 2”, the voice work he did in “Beavis and Butthead”, and the movie “Talk Radio”, which he discussed at length. Later, he talked with Todd and Tyler about his writing for the stage, which he’s currently doing now. If you missed Todd and Tyler’s interview with Eric Bogosian this morning, it is going to air on an upcoming Best Of so make sure to tune in.

Larry the Cable Guy checked in this morning and delivered a commentary on how the Pope should retire. His timing couldn’t have been better because TnT were just discussing the Pope’s tilting head with Travis a bit earlier. It was a rather funny commentary this morning. If you happened to miss it, stay tuned for more from Larry as the week goes on.

BW returned late in today’s show with the entertainment report. There were a variety of the typical BW chosen e-news stories that didn’t spark much conversation amongst Todd and Tyler but everyone did seem to get a kick out of a list of the top 10 things heard at the show before that tiger bit Roy’s throat out.

Join Todd and Tyler at Brewsky’s in Omaha tonight for another installment of Monday Night Football. There will be two speed dating hotties there tonight for you all to try to score with so make sure to swing out and join in on the fun. Tune in tonight at 10pm for the 3 rd Shift Replay of this morning’s show and rejoin TnT tomorrow at 5:30am for the Tuesday program. Thanks for watching. Good night. -Corby-
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