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Tuesday 10-21-03

Todd and Tyler started off their show this morning with some talk about their MNF party at Brewsky’s last night. They had a great turnout for the event but despite that, they had trouble getting single guys to step up to the plate and speed date either of the two women that put themselves on the line for speed dating. They guys spent a bit of time trying to figure out why but came up empty-handed. TnT also noticed that all of the former bandwagon Cubs fans have shifted to bandwagon Chiefs fans. And speaking of Chiefs fans, one of them approached the guy’s table last night and felt obligated to tell them that he doesn’t like them nor listen to them, a bad thing to do to a couple of guys full of beer with microphones. TnT then mentioned that they’ll be at the 27 th and Cornhusker Brewsky’s in Lincoln for next week’s MNF party.

Also early in the show, the guys discussed Trav’s FWIW commentary last night about the coronation ball for the kingdom of Quivira. The guys were pleased with Travis’s statement about the elitist piece of crap and liked how Trav used other charities as proof that those who do good things don’t need to whack themselves off by creating a fake royalty thing for themselves. TnT then moved on to discuss how Jim Flowers, the weather guy on Channel 6, allegedly dropped the “dick” bomb during yesterday’s newscast while attempting to say “weather deck”. Later in the show, TnT were e-mailed some audio of the mistake from a listener. They played it repeatedly throughout the show and Jim Flowers did indeed accidentally say “dick” on the air. It was pretty funny.

BW came in with the news a bit later in the show. The gang discussed another rock thrown over an overpass, the rescue of a hunter that cut himself while “field dressing” an elk, candy thieves on Center Street, Omaha’s increasing crank problem, shoplifting rehabilitation CDs, a sex device TnT referred to as “The Wedge”, and an MD stricken 14-year-old small town Iowa boy being busted for driving his wheelchair too fast on the town’s sidewalks.

Also during the news, TnT had a lengthy discussion with Brian about low-income housing developments. The argument led to calls from listeners that railed on BW for being racist and not being diversified, which was pretty funny. Although TnT seemed to understand where BW was coming from, they just couldn’t agree with him that rich people should be able to get together for a chili feed and raise money to keep out the poor people. Brian then wrapped up the newscast with a tale about a man that was struck in the head by lightning and lived to tell about it. Evidentially, the guy said something to the effect of, “God spared me for something else in life.” Tyler stated, in one of the funniest, most genius statements I’ve heard in the history of time said, “No, God hit you with lightning!”

After the news, Matt and Chris from Cohen, Vacanti, Higgins, and Shattuck joined TnT in studio. They spent some time discussing the sniper case in Virginia and how the idiot is going to defend himself. That led to BW sharing a story about how he once tried to defend himself for a “Failure to Maintain” ticket he received after a car accident. Brian said he had pictures, testimony from two cops, and more to prove that the intersection he had his accident at was very dangerous. He felt he had done a great job and would easily get out of the ticket. Much to his surprise, hilariously, his feet were knocked off the table by the Judge who pulled out a book “10 dictionaries thick”, looked up the law, and slapped BW with the fine.

Later in the visit with the lawyers, the guys read over the transcripts from the case about the young girl who’s father was just released from prison and he only wants to speak Spanish to her even though she doesn’t know the language. The two in-studio lawyers, along with TnT, seemed to agree with what the judge was trying to say after they read the very clear transcripts. Travis, though, the guy who’s spent years being a sports reporter and only recently felt it necessary for career purposes to pick up any other section of the local paper, disagreed with the two lawyers adamantly and attempted to argue his point. He didn’t seem to be going anywhere with his argument, though. It came across more like Trav was just trying to stick a thorn in everyone’s ass for the purpose of sticking a thorn in everyone’s ass.

The lawyer talk continued a bit later with some phone calls from listeners. There weren’t really any calls that jump out at me so I won’t detail any of the questions or answers here. I will, though, let you know that the lawyers had a lengthy, detailed, and gripping conversation with Todd and Tyler about the world of bike riding…I swear to god, they did. Check out the lawyers on their web site, or get in touch with them via phone at 345-7600. They’ll be rejoining the guys in studio again I a few weeks so stay tuned.

Dean, Dean, the dating machine, a guy that shows up at all of TnT’s MNF parties at Brewsky’s just to speed date the various hotties, did a Numerology reading for Todd and Tyler recently. The guys brought them in and spent a couple of minutes going over various bits and pieces from their readings to see whether or not the Numerology thing really could pinpoint their personalities. Some of the things seemed right on while others were not. The guys didn’t seem all that interested in discussing the Numerology subject though so they moved on.

Todd and Tyler spoke to Gary Tuckman from CNN this morning. He’s in Eagle, CO covering the Kobe case for the network and spent about 20 minutes talking to the guys about the details of the case. They covered the promiscuity of the lady that was allegedly raped, discussed semen soaked panties, touched on Kobe’s throck, and more. Gary then brought up the Huskers, as one of his NYC cameramen used to play for the team, but TnT quickly shot down that part of the conversation. The guys then moved on to talk with Gary about his time as an imbedded reporter with the Air Force during the early days of the Iraq war, which was pretty interesting to hear about. Gary was a pretty cool guy and seemed to enjoy talking with TnT so perhaps the guys will be able to get some more CNN people on their show in the near future.

BW returned later with this morning’s e-news segment. The gang discussed Di Nero’s prostate cancer and Alan Alda’s appendectomy, Pat Sajak’s back breaking bear hug of a contestant, synonyms for the word Penis from Penthouse magazine, and they had a very lengthy, interesting, and intelligent conversation about the possibility of life on other planets spawned by a story about how the Sci-Fi channel is suing the government for UFO information. BW later wrapped up the e-news with a list of the top 25 biggest badass characters in movies as selected by Maxim magazine. #1, Tony Montana from “Scarface” was an obvious choice for #1 but the rest of the list had some obvious omissions. The Mr. Blonde character from “Reservoir Dogs” was nowhere on the list.

Well, that’s the update for today. Tune in tonight at 10pm for the 3 rd Shift Replay and make sure to rejoin the guys tomorrow at 5:30am for the Wednesday edition. Thanks for watching. Good night. -Corby-

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