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Wednesday 10-22-03

Todd and Tyler started off their show this morning by discussing a variety of subjects including last night’s episode of “Nip/Tuck” on FX, the World Series game, and a “porn is bad” advertising campaign stating that there are more porn shops than McDonald’s. They also took an early morning call from a listener that gave them some details about a screwy family with an uncle that’s a father and husband. I’m not sure what brought on the story from the caller, amusing as it was, but I believe it had something to do with the surprise birth of a black baby on “Nip/Tuck”.

BW came in a bit later with today’s news. The gang discussed further developments in the case against the suspended police officer that got in trouble for suggesting that the Rucker children slit the throat of a priest for a donation he made to the Pratt family. The guys moved on to discuss more West Nile deaths, crazy Asian biting ladybug swarms, an Iowa man that died of pig farts (I swear), and the gang had a lengthy discussion about tree destruction in West O. neighborhoods as they continue to develop more and more of what used to be forest-like land. TnT later discussed Pam Anderson’s hepatitis, they got a giggle at the death of a 14-year-old boy that was “subway surfing” and died due to thumping his head on a beam (“thinning of the heard”), and they all enjoyed BW’s “And finally” about a guy that died with a fish in his mouth.

Another news story that came up this morning was about a woman that was arrested for murdering her abusive husband/foster brother in the small Iowa town of Defiance. Evidentially, the woman was taken in by a lady years ago as sort of a foster kid. As she aged, she hooked up with and eventually married the son of the lady that took her in. The two bred, as necks tend to do, and ended up with 3 children. From all accounts, the man beat her regularly and was just not a nice guy any way you look at it. Eventually the physical abuse took its toll on the lady and she killed the guy. She then stuck the body in her basement, covering up the smell of the decomposing body with household cleaners, and left him there for 14 months. Phone calls came in on the subject all morning long.

Larry the Cable Guy checked in today with a commentary on the sniper guy attempting to defend himself in court. We’ll here more from Larry soon so stay tuned.

Travis came in a bit later and delivered this morning’s sports report. He also talked with Todd and Tyler a bit about his FWIW feedback related to the commentary about the coronation ball of the kingdom of Quivira.

TnT announced this morning that Gallagher, the famous comedian from the ‘80’s will be joining them in studio tomorrow to promote an upcoming tour that he’s kicking off at the Music Hall in Omaha. Jeremy explained how the surprise visit came about and afterwards TnT took conformation calls from listeners that have spotted and/or met Gallagher here in town. You see, TnT were a tiny bit skeptical that Gallagher was just driving around town checking things out and happened to catch their show and liked what he heard, as reported, but it turned out to be true. Tune in tomorrow for Gallagher.

Matt Davis from the Funny Bone joined TnT in studio this morning. A southern guy from Alabama, TnT were surprised that he didn’t have an accent. After discussing that for a bit, the gang moved on with the show as Matt joined in on the topics of the day. Matt seemed pretty funny so get out to the Funny Bone this week and see him. Call the Bone Phone at 493-8036 for reservations.

A bit later in the show, the gang continued their conversation about last night’s episode of “Nip/Tuck” for a bit. They focused their talk on the sex addicts meetings featured in the show and opened up their phones to any listener that might have attended such a meeting. One guy checked in claiming to have a porn addiction. After a little examination of his lifestyle, he seemed perfectly normal to TnT. Later, a 23-year-old pot-smoking nymphomaniac called the guys to talk about her sexual addiction and after examining her a bit, TnT again concluded that she’s perfectly normal.

Following the sex addiction talk, TnT got a call from a guy named Ron in Defiance, IA that was pissed at them for their earlier comments about the town being a “redneck” little town. Those comments were rightfully spawned by the news report TnT saw featuring some toothless, uneducated locals commenting on the story. Anyway, the caller ranted about TnT referring to the rednecks and a few moments into his call, the guy’s incredibly bitchy wife got on the phone and had a mental meltdown. It was unbelievably embarrassing. She was so upset at TnT for referring to Defiancevillians as rednecks that she could barely put her thoughts together. Hilariously, and proving TnT’s point totally, she said something like, “everybody knowed it”, which we all know is the proper conjugation of the word “know” for the redneck species.

After the hate call from the redneck Defiance couple, TnT took more calls from listeners about the story. The best friend of the woman accused of murdering her husband and sticking him in the basement for 14 months phoned in and talked with the guys. She was actually pretty cool. She shared a variety of details about the story and helped to explain how and why nobody really suspected that she had offed the abusive guy. Evidentially, the two broke up frequently and the guy would disappear for a while only to return again. A few more calls came in as well, each a bit creepier than the last.

BW returned later with today’s e-news. The gang discussed the world championship of Rock, Paper, Scissors, which eventually spawned the mental creation of TnT’s new game “Cock, Paper, Scissors”. The guys also discussed another dead wrestler, the logistics of dog sodomy, and Todd and a lengthy argument with everyone else in the room about whether or not Elton John’s original backup band was the best backup band in the world. It was pretty funny.

Well, that does it for today’s update. Tune in tonight at 10pm for the 3 rd Shift Replay and make sure to rejoin TnT tomorrow at 5:30am for the Thursday show. Remember, Gallagher is supposed to be joining the guys in studio so that should be quite interesting. Thanks for watching. Good night. -Corby-
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