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Thursday 10-23-03

Todd and Tyler began their show this morning with a conversation about how Sting was much cooler when he used to ejaculate. They moved on to discuss a hazing story out of Lincoln that featured students getting whacked in the throat and nuts with a broomstick. The guys also took a call from another listener addicted to porn. TnT then moved on to discuss further details of the Defiance, IA murder. Evidentially, the lady put a shotgun to the back of the guy’s head to kill him and actually stuck him between two mattresses in order to hide the body. Hey, if old people believe nobody can find their nest eggs between mattresses then why wouldn’t it work for the rotting corpse of an abusive, murdered husband?

BW came in with the news a bit later. Conversation about the Lincoln hazing incident and the Defiance, IA murder continued along with a variety of other stories. A bit later, Roger Dixon from MECA came in and spent some time talking to the guys about the progress of the new Qwest arena. The gang discussed improvements in the sound quality during the River City Neck-Up events, poking fun at Roger for the dirt floors. Those steady improvements eventually led to the excellent sounding Fleetwood Mac concert. The guys also talked about some other recent events held at the new arena, including the circus and the elitist piece of crap, Kingdom of Quivira. Roger then went on to talk about some future acts that are coming and possibilities of other big name events and shows that would fit into the Qwest arena nicely.

Before heading out, Roger Dixon told TnT and their listeners that they are doing a free open house on Sunday from 1-5pm in which everyone can wonder all of the behind the scenes areas of the new arena and check out things that they wouldn’t normally get to see. Not only is the open house free but so is the parking, which everyone seems to bitch about (including my wife *sigh*). It should be rather interesting to inspect the bowels of the new Qwest arena so if you are interested, stop on out on Sunday.

Travis came in a bit later and delivered this morning’s sports report. Along with the sports, he talked with the guys a bit about a recent influx of billboards featuring his face that have popped up all over the area, 44 in total. Unlike the infamous goiter bus photos, Trav doesn’t look freakishly like the Elephant Man on the billboards. As a humorous sidebar, during the show TnT received many reports of a giant 20-car pile-up on I-80 this morning. They attributed the reported accidents to people looking at billboards of Travis because the reports of the accidents came in just a few minutes after TnT initially brought up the existence of the 44 billboards all over town.

Early in today’s show, and remaining throughout their post 10:30am departure, Todd and Tyler were joined in studio by comedy legend Gallagher. He’s in town performing at the Music Hall on Friday night at 8pm. Tickets are available from the Civic box office or at Ticket Masters and range from $22.50 to $28.

Gallagher began his visit with a “stream of conscious” rant (as Todd described it) in which he bitched about NAFTA, Mexicans, Korean refrigerators, and the company Maytag. He continued with talk about subatomic particles, his theories on how helicopters can save America, and he stated that he wants to get the comatose lady in FL (recently put back on life support) hammered.

Later, he discussed how he didn’t care for the E! True Hollywood Story about his life because they focused too much on how he sued his brother. Following that, Gallagher told a hilarious story about why he quit smoking pot at age 50. He was driving through Kansas smoking a joint and pulled over to stretch his back. He soon realized that he’d locked his keys in the car with the joint still visibly sitting in the ashtray. Onlookers recognized him and came around to see what the fuss was about, phoning the police in the mean time.

When the officer showed, he radioed more cops saying, “Hey, I’ve got Gallagher here. Come see him.” The whole while, Gallagher was freaked out realizing that when the police eventually opened the door, they’d smell the pot and bust him. He sat on the curb, prayed to God, and said “If you get me out of this, I’ll quit.” Luckily for him, the door was opened, nobody saw or smelled anything and he got away with it. So after smoking pot daily from age 20 to 50, he quit because he locked his keys in his car in Kansas. In fact, he said that on any of the 15 hour-long TV specials, he was stoned during each and every one of them. TnT got a kick out of that. Now Gallagher sticks to drinking tequila.

Gallagher’s visit this morning, as exhausting as it was, was hilariously fun to listen to. Although he sort of when ballistic Nugent-like when he first arrived, he eventually settled down enough to join in on the topics of the day. He seemed to enjoy his time with the guys so hopefully we’ll here from Gallagher again in the future. Todd and Tyler, though, are most likely napping this afternoon. I think the melon smasher wore them out!

That does it for today’s update. I need a nap myself. Tune in tonight at 10pm for the 3 rd Shift Replay and make sure to rejoin the guys tomorrow at 5:30am for the Friday show. Thanks for watching. Good night. -Corby-
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