TnT Show 10-24-2003


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Friday 10-24-03

Todd and Tyler started off their show this morning with a little talk of Gallagher’s fun yet exhausting visit to the show yesterday. They also welcomed Black Tony to the studio for another Friday visit. After talking about Black Tony’s current state of unemployment, the gang moved on to talk a little World Series before having a lengthy discussion about “low key” retards and retarded characters in cinema. Listeners phoned in with their own favorite retarded characters to add to the list, too.

BW came in with the news a bit later in the show. As he delivered his report, TnT were served breakfast by their buddy Gino from “Come On In To My Kitchen”, his new catering service. Gino has been promising TnT a breakfast for a while and finally, today, his schedule allowed him to stop up. From the sounds of it, TnT really enjoyed Gino’s culinary creations. A bit later in the show, Gino performed a song he wrote called “Across The River”, which was all about how if Omaha doesn’t straighten up, everyone will just go to Council Bluffs. It was pretty funny. Later in the news, BW shared a story about how some leaves blowing in the street brought him closer to a fellow Christian that initially chewed his ass.

Todd and Tyler played another round of “Rules of the Game” with big 12 official and former Husker, Clete Blakeman today. He swung in to talk with the guys a bit about the Huston punch and discussed his upcoming trip to Texas to official a game down there. I believe it airs sometime around 2pm on Saturday so if you’re interested in seeing the former Husker QB ref, check for the game in your local listings. I’d tell you what game it is but I’m a football moron and therefore have absolutely no idea.

Bob Reno from checked in with TnT this morning. Along with discussing the Huston punch story, he spent some time detailing other sports related tales from his web site. One of the more interesting ones was a story of a 12-year-old Canadian girl that allegedly gives Diekmans to 18-year-old Dodger draft picks for giggles. In fact, she admitted that she and her other friends do it regularly. Bob also talked with TnT about some drunken high school cheerleaders in TX that were getting hammered on vodka during the game as well as discussing a hazing story that involved pine cones in the ass. I’m sure we’ll here from Bob Reno of again in the near future but until then check out his web site.

Travzilla, king of the billboard people, joined TnT in studio this morning for the sports report. Along with delivering the sporting news, he also informed everyone of his Lock of the Week. He’s selecting the Hawks giving 11 to Penn State in Iowa.

Billie, a.k.a. Buddy Holly, stopped in today after returning from a 2-month stint in Des Moines. He hung out for a bit, talked with the guys about the 60-year-old women that throw their wrinkly pies at him, and he also performed a tune for TnT. If you’d like to catch Billie performing, he’ll be at the Rococo in Lincoln tonight.

Todd and Tyler spoke to actor Ernie Hudson this morning. He’s on the new ABC show “10-8” but many of you may recognize him as the black Ghost Buster or as the warden on HBO’s “OZ”. He talked with TnT about the success of “10-8” so far and their hopes for renewal. Later, he discussed how he landed the roll in “OZ” and what it was like working on that groundbreaking show. Ernie also joked with TnT about his roll in “Ghost Busters” and said that to this day people will still approach him and ask, “Who you gonna call?” Ernie was very cool with TnT so if you get the chance, help support his career by tuning in to “10-8” on Sunday nights. Granted, it’s no “Nip/Tuck”, but it definitely is a pretty decent show. Give it a try and then hang around for “Alias”!

Jay Scott Holman from the Funny Bone joined TnT in studio this morning. He’s a raging drunk so the guys talked a bit about how Colleen from the Funny Bone has banned him from drinking until the last 10 minutes of his last show of the night. Jay said he’d just get hammered before he arrives at the club in order to sidestep Colleen’s rule. Jay joined in on the topics of the morning, which oddly seemed to focus mostly on his alcohol intake when he piped up and joined the discussion. He seemed to have had a good time with TnT this morning, possibly because he was still drunk from last night. Catch him performing at the Funny Bone this weekend by phoning 493-8036.

Tres Equis stopped into the studio this morning. Along with bringing in some hot salsa for the guys to indulge in, they performed a couple of tunes for TnT. If you missed them on the show today you can catch them at the Howard Street Pub tonight and at the Ranch Bowl on Sunday.

That does it for the Friday update. Tune in Sunday at 10pm for the 3 rd Shift Replay and make sure to rejoin TnT on Monday at 5:30am for another week of programming. Thanks for watching. Good night. -Corby-

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