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Monday 10-27-03

Todd and Tyler began their show this morning with a little talk about their weekends. The guys seemed to enjoy their time on the couch watching football, although the Huskers were not among the games they took in. Neither was willing to pay the $30 fee to watch the piece of crap. The gang then moved on to read over a hate e-mail from some Defiance, IA tools asking them to apologize for their comments made about the redneck town last week. TnT scoffed at the thought of apologizing for something so stupid and told those in Defiance that if they would have helped the abused woman before she offed her abuser and stuffed him between the mattresses, perhaps they (those in the town) wouldn’t have come across so bad in the public eye.

Also early, TnT spent some time talking about how some Lincoln people are getting all riled up about the proposed smoking ban, according to an article in the paper. Even Todd, an expert smoker from way back, agreed with Tyler that it would not hurt businesses to ban smoking in restaurants and that it’s no big deal for him to step out side for a puff or wait to finish a meal before lighting up.

BW came in a bit later and delivered a gripping tale about a wedding reception he went to on Friday night. Evidentially, a drunk guy was playing vehicular pinball in the parking lot of the reception and when approached about the damage he had done, he stated, “It’s okay, I’m a cop.”

Brian then got into today’s newscast, which spawned talk about the Bellevue group sex murders from a few years ago. One of the ladies involved, the one that was gotten a little rough with from what TnT could figure, is scheduled to be released. The gang also discussed E. Coli for a bit, which led to a nasty yet hilarious discussion about cow feces and bloody diarrhea. Consequently, Todd has found his costume for this year’s Freaker’s Ball, although he couldn’t decide whether he wanted to be the cow feces or the bloody diarrhea.

As the news continued, the gang got off on a tangent about Todd’s lonely North Dakota love life in high school. The discussion snowballed into talk of Todd once humping on a speech camp girl with leg braces that also had one of those anti nut licking collars vets put on doctors so they don’t chew their own sacks. The gang then talked about the proposed merger of the Valley and Waterloo high schools and after much thought, TnT created the school’s new mascot by morphing the two existing school’s mascots. The new school, “Valley-Loo” will be known as the “Panterians”. The gang then got into a lengthy, heated, confusing argument about comparing Rush’s pill popping problem to that of Canadian heroin addicts.

Larry the Cable Guy checked in today and delivered a commentary on how spooky the movie, “The Ring” is.

Later, former Husker and Giant Rob Zatechka joined TnT in studio. He joined in on the topics of the day and spent the remainder of the show hanging out with TnT. Former MTV guy and current host of CBS’s “Cupid”, Brian McFayden, also joined the guys. He grew up in Ralston and as many of you probably know, he interned at Z-92 years ago and has been on the show with TnT in the past. Well, Brian stopped in today to hang out with the guys and during his visit, TnT phoned his mother for a chat, they talked at length with Brian about his millionaire ex-girlfriend from the Hilton clan, and they touched briefly on his new girlfriend. Brian talked with TnT about the first season of “Cupid”, fronted by that arrogant asshole Simon from Fox’s “American Piece of Crap”, and he stated later that the second season of Cupid goes into production in January.

Trav came in with sports later in the show. Along with talk about the college football filled weekend, the guys talked about Florida winning the World Series, which made everyone except James the Giant Yankee happy. I believe Trav’s Lock of the Week came in, too, but I don’t recall anyone saying anything about it.

BW returned later with the e-news. There really isn’t much to detail about the e-news segment other than talk of a new gambling channel on cable, a list of the money made by dead celebrities, a list of hits from 1983, and another list of strange things that make you think, which TnT really didn’t seem to care for.

Todd and Tyler will be at the Brewsky’s in Lincoln on 27 th and Cornhusker tonight at 7pm for another installment of their Monday Night Football party. They’ll have with them a calendar hottie from the 2004 calendar for speed dating so make sure to swing out and see the gang.

That does it for the Monday update. Tune in tonight at 10pm for the 3 rd Shift Replay and make sure to rejoin the guys tomorrow at 5:30am for the Tuesday show. Thanks for watching. Good night. -Corby-
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