TnT Show 10-28-2003


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Tuesday 10-28-03

Todd and Tyler began their show this morning with some talk about the Doors, as they played a tune from the band to start today’s program. TnT commented on how women don’t dig the Doors as much as men, something nobody could really give a reason for. TnT also discussed Trav’s FWIW last night about the hate letters KM3 has been receiving from hardcore Republican throck gobblers. Evidentially, Channel 3 is going to air a mini-series about the Regan years in the White House and the Falwell freaks don’t want them to. The guys were happy to hear Travis basically give the verbal finger to the freaks, stating that KM3 still plans to air the program.

The guys then moved on to discuss their MNF party at the Lincoln Brewsky’s last night. They had a great turnout for the event and everyone seemed to have a good time once the crowd loosened up a bit. Speed dating hottie, Amber, phoned TnT to talk about her experience. She said she met a lot of nice people, even the few females that speed dated with her. The guys will keep in touch with Amber, as she’s a 2004 calendar hottie, so we’re all bound to hear from her again in the future. The guys also discussed their porn watching experience in the Extreme Limo on their way to and from the event. After pounding beers all night, BW was pretty tanked. So tanked, in fact, that he simulated giving oral sex to the men as their throcks appeared on the screen. TnT got a kick out of outing BW, referring to him as a “gay drunk”.

Brian stopped in later and delivered this morning’s newscast. Along with the boring yet obligatory stories regarding the city council, BW talked more about the police officer from “The Man’s Keeping Me Down” show, the accidental kidnapping of an 11-week-old baby when her mother’s SUV was ripped off (child returned, bad guy nabbed), and TnT discussed Identity Theft for a while. Later, there was talk of the California fires, Bennington’s E. Coli outbreak, and the guys had to school a Metro Geography professor on what continent the country of Saudi Arabia is located in.

During the news, TnT were joined in studio by an Army Specialist named Jeremy that has just recently returned from time served in Iraq. He’s home on leave to visit his newborn son and then he is headed back to Iraq on October 30 th . Jeremy spent the remainder of the show hanging out with TnT and discussing his experience in the war torn country. Along with sharing his real, unscrewed by the media insights on what the Iraqi people really think of America, he discussed the lack of scenery in Iraq, the fear some soldiers face in the streets, and more. A married man, he didn’t offer up any insight on the Iraqi “whore” scene, as BW would surely put it, but he did mention that the Army frowns on their military men and women poking the locals.

Later in Jeremy’s visit, TnT took a call from a guy that talked about having a blow-up doll over in Iraq, the gang discussed what it was like for Jeremy being 6 months without a beer, and the gang discussed the legality of sending amateur porn to TnT, who would in turn send it over to the troops in Iraq. Jeremy seemed to have a great time on the show with TnT today and I’m sure we’ll be hearing from him again in the future.

Travis came in a bit later with sports. There’s not much to report so that’s about all you’re going to get out of me on Trav’s time with TnT this morning. Tune into KM3 tonight to catch another FWIW and make sure to rejoin TnT tomorrow for discussion of Trav’s upcoming commentary, if it warrants one.

Mila Kunis, a.k.a. “Jackie” from Fox’s “That 70’s Show” spoke to Todd and Tyler for a bit this morning. The new season of the show kicks off tomorrow night so she’s making the rounds promoting the show. She gave TnT a little insight on what to expect from this season, although she wouldn’t detail which guy her character will choose to be with, a cliffhanger left over from the end of last season. Tyler later brought up Mila’s relationship with McCauley Culkin from the “Home Alone” movie but she didn’t seem willing to discuss her personal life. She also didn’t seem willing to talk about Ashton Kutcher’s relationship with Demi Moore, although she did say that Demi has visited the set and seems cool.

Mila went on to talk with TnT about the progression of the characters on the show and how they don’t plan to become another “90210”, stating that they’ll probably only do one more year after this one. She also discussed the wardrobe, which she said is horribly uncomfortable. That led TnT to talk about what it was like actually living through those days that Mila is portraying on TV. Although she seemed bummed at TnT for making fun of her young age, she seemed to enjoy talking to TnT almost as much as they enjoyed having a famous, hot 20-year-old on the phone. Make sure to tune into the season premier of “That 70’s Show” on Fox tomorrow night.

BW returned later in the show with today’s e-news segment. The gang spent a bit of time discussing the life and death of announcer Rod Roddy, who they spoke to a while back. He died of breast and colon cancer. Later, the gang discussed Puff Daddy’s Guatemalan sweatshops and they spent some time talking about how big of an idiot Jessica Simpson is.

Dr. Ed will be joining the guys live from his basement in Tyler, TX on tomorrow’s show so make sure to tune in. The gang will kick off their program, as always, at about 5:30am and it should continue until after 10. Keep in mind that the 3 rd Shift Replay of this morning’s show starts at 10pm tonight so tune in. Thanks for watching. Good night. -Corby-
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