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Wednesday 10-29-03

Todd and Tyler started off their show this morning discussing a variety of subjects. Tyler mentioned that even though he was about 3 minutes away from Trav’s FWIW last night, realizing it was another boring-ass commentary about the Keystone neighborhood, he opted to go to bed instead of watching. Todd then took a moment to rail on something he heard on right wing conservative talk radio yesterday. Evidentially, the republican whack jobs on the AM stations have blamed the CA wildfires being set by liberals who did so to make it hard on the republican Terminator when he takes over the governor’s office. One of the hosts also made reference to how people aren’t going to see Hollywood movies based on the anti-war politics of various stars like Sean Penn and Tim Robins, another load of crap according to the guys.

Also early in the show, the gang spent some time giving the local media a hard time for the scare tactics used around the Halloween season. The guys expressed their displeasure with the local news trying to scare parents about Halloween candy and elaborated further by stating that they’ve never heard of any confirming story of any of the terrible things the news warns parents about actually taking place. They even opened up the phone lines to listeners that may have had first-hand experience with any of the things the news has been warning people about but not a single call came in.

At this time, you may be getting a little more of my take on the subject, which mirrors TnT’s, but I thought I’d add my 2-cents in, too... The local news has latched on to urban legend after urban legend, such as the razor blades in candy apples and needles in candy bars, and every year they turn out another onslaught of worthless reporting shadowed under the guise of being informative. Yet these reports serve no purpose other than to scare the living crap out of every parent that watches their child bite into a Snickers bar.

Yes, parents want to look out for their children and make sure no harm comes their way, especially on what is supposed to be a fun, exciting time for a toddler, but when the local television stations use such events to disguise their report an important warning/reminder when in reality it’s nothing more than a Speech 101 “attention grabber” for the purpose of padding their already dwindling ratings, it’s sickening. Granted, national newscasts might have their share of fluff and scare tactics as well but nothing compares to what the local media in any given small town the size of Omaha does. The reason for this is simple; there is just not enough news to warrant 4 local stations providing a combined total of 7 hours of news programming each weekday.

BW came in with the news a bit later in the show. During his visit, the gang discussed how country music is infecting the mind of Todd’s youngest daughter, they moved on to talk about a courtroom gang fight where words were the weapon, and TnT discussed the guy that stole the car with the 11-week-old baby in it not being allowed to admit to his crime by the judge even though the guy wanted to. TnT also had a lengthy discussion about asphalt vs. shake shingles, there was more West Nile death talk, some discussion of the Sun’s solar storms, and the gang discussed how 5 drunken hunters were shot in Iowa on opening day. That last story prompted calls from hunters that admitted to lugging around their shotguns while hammered, too. Some of those callers even shared stories about witnessing their hunter brethren getting shot, proving TnT’s past statements about hunters being a bunch of hammer heads.

Following the news, TnT were joined by Dr. Ed live from his basement in Tyler, TX. He spent a couple of hours talking with TnT about a variety of health related subjects, which included answering questions from the TnT listening audience. Today some of the topics touched on included why there are fat healthcare professionals, animal humping and why cross-species reproduction doesn’t occur, penis implants, bulky stools, 2-headed kids, and sleepy testicles. BW also shared a bloody nose question with the Dr., which I didn’t hear because I had to temporarily turn the radio off until I knew his disgusting question was over with. It was also established today that Tyler sits on the crapper for too long. Dr. Ed will be joining the guys again in a couple of weeks so make sure to tune in.

Travis came in a bit later with today’s sports report. With him, he brought is managerial editor, Kerrie. Along with being Trav’s boss, she’s going to be writing an article about Travzilla for the local paper. She came in to ask TnT a few questions about Trav, which she must have done during commercial breaks. Also during her visit, TnT did their best to embarrass Travis by playing some of the infamous clips they’ve recorded of him.

Larry the Cable Guy checked in today and after talking with TnT about his upcoming Christmas tour, he dove into a commentary on how CNN can’t figure out that it’s Muslim extremists that are blowing up the Middle East.

Todd and Tyler spoke to Al Jean this morning. He’s the executive producer and writer for Fox’s “The Simpsons”. They began by discussing the season premier, a Halloween episode that will air this Sunday night. They talked about the evolution of the show over the years, how the gang tries to keep things fresh, and the 8-months work behind each episode. Al also talked with TnT about writing for Johnny Carson, his work on “Alf”, and working with Gary Shandling on “The Larry Sanders Show”. Al seemed to be a very cool guy and before leaving, he told TnT that there might end up being several more years of the Simpsons, as the voice talent is due to sign new contracts shortly.

BW returned later with today’s e-news. The gang discussed Nelly’s stolen jewels, Courtney Love being charged with 2 felonies and getting her little Bean taken away, and they had a lengthy discussion about whom God hates. Following that, the guys pondered who decided where states’ borders end and they had a lengthy, heated, and confusing argument with BW about some old Charlie’s Angels girl.

That does it for today’s update. Tune in tonight at 10pm for the 3 rd Shift Replay and make sure to rejoin the guys tomorrow at 5:30am for the Thursday show. Thanks for watching. Good night. -Corby-
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