TnT Show 11-03-2003


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Monday 11-3-03

Todd and Tyler started off their show this morning with some Freaker’s Ball reaction. By all accounts, everyone had a great time. TnT were a bit bummed that a lot of people who showed up didn’t get in due to overpopulation but they said they’d try to find a bigger place for the event next year, thanking the AmeriSports bar for their years of support. The guys ran down each of their costumes. Tyler was a coon skin hat guy, Todd went as the King of Quivira, Jeremy was the world’s gayest pirate, BW went as Kellen Huston, and Black Tony, who joined TnT in studio this morning, went as a white Mic Jagger. He made for, as Tyler put it, “a very ugly white guy”. The gang moved on to talk about some of the other costumes that were there, including the paralyzed, wheelchair bound man that came as Super Man. He ended up winning first prize.

The guys then moved on to discuss other things they did over the weekend. From the sounds of it, though, their weekends consisted pretty much of couch time in front of various football games. Both the guys watched every second of the Husker game so they spent quite a bit of time discussing the loss. Joining them on the topic was former Husker Rob Zatechka. His comments on the Husker game was, “they didn’t look good”. He later went on to say that there’s no way any of the current lineman would have been able to cut it playing for the ’94 Huskers, which TnT found rather interesting and amusing. Listeners checked in for a bit giving their own thoughts on the game. After some calls, TnT moved on to the news, but not before Tony made the announcement that he and his baby’s momma are splitting up after 9 years of being together. That’s right, ladies, Black Tony is now a free man!

Also early, TnT were joined by Ms. October from the 2003 calendar, Summer. She’s going to be speed dating at Brewsky’s with Todd and Tyler tonight so she spent some time hanging out with the guys discussing the type of man she’s looking for. If you’re in the area, stop on out to Brewsky’s for Todd and Tyler’s MNF party tonight and speed date with Summer. She’s an uber hottie!

Brian came in with the news a bit later. The gang discussed the helicopter being shot down in Iraq, they moved on to cover more of that crazy Defiance, IA murder story, there was some talk abut Whip-Its, and discussion of a California shooting caught on film just outside of a courtroom. The gang also discussed shark bites, big-eared bats, and a heartwarming story about a man that neutered his rotty with a shotgun.

Travis came in a bit later with today’s sports report. He discussed his winning Lock of the Week, which now places him at 5-5. The gang then moved on to discuss more about the Huskers, they read over some e-mails, there was more talk with Rob Zatechka, listeners phoned in with more Husker related discussion.

Dak, headliner from the Funny Bone, checked in this morning to tell TnT he had survived the weekend. From Todd’s account, Todd took Dak and one of the of the other comics up to his hotel room after the Freaker’s Ball on Friday night to “smoke a little something” and shortly after, Dak and the other comic were pulled into a party in a nearby hotel room, the last time Todd saw either of them. Dak didn’t give many details of the party but he said he had fun. I’m sure he’ll be more willing to share his Halloween in Omaha story with TnT during his next visit to the area, after he puts some space between now and then.

Larry the Cable Guy checked in today with a commentary on a new TV show featuring “3 generations of homos”. Larry was a bit confused, asking, “How do you get 3 generations of homos? Don’t you have to have a woman mixed in there somewhere?” Larry will probably check in again later in the week so stay tuned.

BW came in with today’s e-news later in the show. During that time, TnT discussed how more Kenyans won this year’s NY Marathon. That led to talk about how Puff Daddy finished this year’s run. The gang moved on to discuss a shelved transsexual reality TV show, Jessica Dol came in with more Freaker’s Ball reaction, and the gang had a conversation about the “My Name Is Luca” tune from the mid 80’s. Brian then wrapped up his gripping e-news segment with a tale about a bus driver that punched a student because the student repeatedly yelled out the word “penis” on the ride.

Todd and Tyler are going to be back at the Omaha Brewsky’s location tonight for another MNF party. Summer, October 2003 calendar girl, will be speed dating so make sure to get out early and get yourself a spot. Tune in tonight at 10pm for the 3 rd Shift Replay and make sure to rejoin the guys tomorrow at 5:30am for the Tuesday show. Thanks for watching. Good night. -Corby-
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