TnT Show 11-04-2003


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Tuesday 11-4-03

Todd and Tyler started off their show this morning by discussing the upcoming Kiss/Aerosmith concert at the new Qwest Arena on Thursday night. They then moved on to talk about last night’s MNF party at Brewsky’s, which left them feeling a bit hung over this morning. Calendar hottie Summer speed dated throughout the evening and at one point she was forcefully kissed by a lesbian that clearly wanted to take Summer home. Later when Summer phoned in to talk about the speed dating, TnT cornered her and said that it didn’t appear to them that she tried very hard to pull back from the lesbian kiss. In fact, she actually kissed back. That led Summer into a brief discussion about how she once dated a woman. You could practically hear the collective mental “I’m out” being called from every guy in studio.

The guys continued discussing their MNF party last night by mentioning that they want to bring back the phrase “tits up”. They then moved on to talk about Trav’s FWIW last night about some former congressman representing Metro, a subject TnT found completely and utterly boring. “People don’t care!” The guys then spent a bit of time talking about how Black Tony will be a very bad single guy, touching on how Tony recently announced on their show that he and baby’s momma are splitting up after 9 years. TnT then welcomed Gino from Come On Into My Kitchen into the studio. He hung out for a bit, joining in on the topics of the day, before he had to head out.

BW came in with the news a bit later. During the news, he shared a story about getting a flat tire, the guys had a fireplace smoke conversation, they analyzed the difference between prawns and shrimp, and BW recollected his junior high fighting record. Later, the guys talked about drivers foaming at the mouth, vibrating smoke alarms, and the gang had a lengthy discussion about the proposed smoking ban. That subject, as you might expect, spawned a ton of phone calls from listeners on both sides of the isle.

During the news, the gang took a call from a guy that said he recently found out that a good friend of his likes to take it up the butt from a strap-on from his girlfriend. The detail was supplied to him by an ex-girlfriend of his buddy and later confirmed by the woman his friend is currently seeing now. The caller asked TnT how he should approach his friend about taking it from behind and asked them whether or not his friend is gay because of his preference. After much thought and discussion, TnT determined that the guy’s friend was probably not gay, as he was taking part in such activity with women. They did, though, conclude that the guy’s friend is a “freak in bed”.

When Travis arrived, TnT posed the strap-on question to him. Trav stated that the practice of receiving strap-on anal sex from your girlfriend is “peculiar”, not stating, I believe, one way or the other whether or not the guy catching is a total pole smoker in disguise. Trav then switched gears and tried to defend his boring FWIW commentary last night, failing miserably to convince anyone on the friggin planet that there was any sort of reason whatsoever for making that the topic of his FWIW segment. He then discussed wrecking his father-in-law’s remote control airplane, which somehow led to a discussion and calls from model rocket builders. Later, he did sports.

BW returned later in the show with this morning’s e-news segment. With the exception of a story about how Letterman wasn’t on yesterday because he was at the hospital awaiting the birth of his new baby, there really wasn’t much in the e-news segment to report on.

Due to the fact that BW’s e-news was uneventful and didn’t spawn any real interest in any of the touched on subjects, that segment wrapped up with more than a half hour left in the show. To kill time, Brian brought in a list of the top signs a radio show host is on drugs. That time killer failed, as it only took him 2 minutes to read through the list and nothing on there really sparked TnT’s interest. So, oddly, the gang killed about 15 minutes of the end of their show discussing, I swear it’s true, the Lincoln assassination. Callers checked in with details on the assassination, including one account from a guy that saw the actual pillow Lincoln’s head rested upon when he died in an Illinois hotel. BW then wrapped up the show with an “And Finally” from the Onion web site about pot smokers, which spawned memories from both Todd and Tyler about their own silly pot occurrences. They shared those memories and then called it a day.

Well, that does it for the Tuesday update. Tune in tonight at 10pm for the 3 rd Shift Replay of this morning’s show and make sure to rejoin the guys tomorrow at 5:30am for the Wednesday edition. Thanks for watching. Good night. -Corby-
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