TnT Show 11-05-2003


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Wednesday 11-5-03

Todd and Tyler started off their show this morning by asking their listeners to stop begging for Kiss/Aerosmith tickets. As always, the gang has been hit up by countless people with every sob story or lie you could think up in order to try to score free entry into tomorrow night’s concert. The gang discussed “prize pig” mentality and then told everyone that they could win tickets on the mighty Z by playing the “Steven Tyler or Todd and Tyler” game with the afternoon jocks.

The guys then moved on to give James the Giant Peach a hard time about hiring hot promotions girls for all of the other cluster stations and not Z-92. TnT stated that even though rock music might be targeted towards a male audience, that doesn’t mean that male audience doesn’t want to see hot women bouncing around with the TnT show gang now and then. From there, the guys switched gears a bit and spent some time discussing how CBS has decided not to air the Regan miniseries. “The conservatives shut it down”, they explained. Showtime, though, will be showing the program in the near future, which means not nearly as many people will get the chance to see the program as would have on over the air TV.

BW came in a bit later in the show and delivered this morning’s news report. The gang discussed crowded jails, retiring police officers, inmates getting married, and there was a gripping story about improperly stored vehicles that had me on the edge of my seat. TnT promptly scolded BW for his poor selection in stories and then moved on. From there, the guys discussed why prosecuting attorneys can never admit to being wrong even after DNA evidence surfaces in various cases. The guys spoke to their lawyer friend, Candy, about this phenomenon, as she tried to defend lawyers. Her statements today seemed only to help prove TnT’s thoughts.

During the news TnT took a call from Rebecca Gonzalez, the mother of the young Plattsmouth boy that was murdered by his father, Ivan Henk. She spent some time talking with TnT about how she originally got hooked up with Henk and what she did to get away from him after he started physically abusing her. She wanted to clarify this morning that she was never married to him and then spent time discussing with TnT how the media has portrayed her on television.

Rebecca said that she has a nervous giggle and when she’s put on TV talking about the murder of her son and the trial of Henk, it appears that she’s coming off a bit loopy because she’s smiling and ends her sentences with a nervous giggle. Rebecca explained that she’s not laughing at the situation, understanding it’s depth, but she just has a nervous giggle. That and being stuck in front of 15 people with cameras and microphones seconds after leaving the courtroom, not having time to piece together her thoughts, it makes her appear strange no TV.

She also complained a bit about how some of the local TV stations have done hour-long interviews with her and only used “glib” 5-second clips. TnT agreed with her thoughts about how TV station sound bites don’t necessarily share the whole truth to how she is feeling. Later in the conversation, she discussed how she thinks the Feb. trial date will most likely get pushed back and mentioned that she’d keep in touch with TnT in the future.

Shortly after getting off the phone with Rebecca, Travis joined the guys in studio. He initially entered in an attempt to defend the television media and their coverage of not only the Gonzalez case but their coverage in general. BW saddled up next to Attaboy and those two tossed verbal skud after verbal skud at Todd and Tyler who in return fired right back. The gang angrily argued back and forth about TV coverage for more than a half hour. Rebecca Gonzalez called back in and talked a bit more with the guys about how she’s been portrayed on TV, which only served to fuel the argument between Travis/Brian and Todd/Tyler further.

Later in the show the gang all settled down and Travis delivered this morning’s sports report. Along with getting some photos taken in studio for an upcoming article in the paper, the gang discussed with the canary yellow shirt wearing sports guy the Blackshirts getting taken away from the Huskers for sucking the royal golden nipple last Saturday and the guys had a lengthy, somewhat confusing discussion about snakes and mongooses.

Larry the Cable guy checked in this morning and delivered one of the only relevant Rosie O’Donnell commentaries I’ve ever heard him do. Evidentially, Rosie is suing her own magazine for attempting to put a photo of her on the cover in which made her look fat. I’m sure we’ll here from Larry again in the very near future so if you missed today’s commentary, stay tuned.

BW returned later in the show with this morning’s e-news report. The guys talked about the birth of Letterman’s new baby boy, which prompted them to later go over a couple of recent Letterman Top 10 lists. One was from Paul, who sat in for Letterman earlier in the week and the other one was from Dave himself, which was all about why he’s happy to be a new father. Both lists were pretty funny stuff.

Later in the e-news, TnT spent time discussing a Pay-Per-View reality show turning regular people into porn stars. Because the show will be “rated R”, showing no penetration, oral, or money shots, TnT both seemed to agree that it will fail miserably. “It needs to be rated X”. The guys also had a lengthy discussion about how “8 Simple Rules” handled the passing of John Ritter on last night’s episode. Everyone seemed to agree that the removal of the laugh track didn’t help the show, nobody thought the way they handled it was the right way, and it’s only a matter of time before that show has it’s own little heart attack and dies.

Well, that does it for the Wednesday update. Tune in tonight at 10pm for the 3 rd Shift Replay and make sure to rejoin the guys tomorrow at 5:30am for the Thursday show. Thanks for watching. Good night. - Corby-
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