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Thursday 11-6-03

Todd and Tyler started of their show this morning with some talk about the newly signed anti-abortion law. They discussed its repercussions and how it has already been challenged in this state, which will have national implications. The gang then moved on to talk about how UNL is begging the state for money to increase the size of the Huskers’ linemen. TnT also mentioned that more beggars have been hitting them up for tickets to tonight’s Kiss/Aerosmith concert at the new Qwest arena. From there the gang talked about last night’s country music award show on KM3. “I just don’t get it”, they both agreed and understandably so. There was also some early morning talk about how CBS has decided not to show the Regan miniseries.

BW came in with the news a bit later. The gang continued their earlier discussion about Bush signing in the new “late term abortion” law. There was some talk about how the Omaha city council is waiting to see how Lincoln handles their proposed smoking ban before acting. That story led to a lengthy, heated discussion about the smoking ban and smoking in general. BW then switched gears and read stories about a hot dog truck that caught on fire, a gripping report on local area overpasses, and the gang talked about how cheap Canadian prescription drugs are.

Travis came in a bit later and joined in on both the smoking discussion and the abortion issue. Trav, right wing religious republican, is anti-abortion in every way, shape, and form so he and TnT went round and round, loudly and at length, about the abortion issue all morning long. In fact, their argument was broken up into several pieces scattered throughout the show. AT one point, Tyler was clearly fed up with the stupid argument and said, “Travis is just no fun anymore” and later said of Travis, “You’re a pontificating asshole.” I think it’s safe to say that the guys burned up, easily, more than an hour of today’s show arguing smoking and abortion, subjects that they didn’t even want to talk about in the first place. Oh yea, Trav later did sports.

TnT spoke to Jungle Jack Hannah this morning. He’s recently returned from Africa with a case of “the runs”. Jack talked with TnT about his trip to Kenya, discussed why Kenyans always win the New York marathon, and he described how the mongoose kills snakes. Jack then told TnT he’s going on Letterman on Monday night and will show Dave how to change his newborn son’s diapers by demonstrating the technique on a baby orangutan, which was hilarious.

Jack continued his talk with TnT by discussing pissed off boa constrictors, the recent mountain lion scare in Omaha, and he shared a story about being bit by a snake and a beaver on Letterman’s show. He later discussed the dynamics of monkey wrangling and suggested to a caller who has a Wisconsin friend with a run-away wallabies that it needs to be caught soon otherwise “it’ll freeze it’s ass off in another 2 weeks or so”. As always, Jack Hannah was a great interview. Make sure to check for him on Letterman on Monday night. His appearance sounds as though it will be another great one.

Kevin Naughton from the Funny Bone came in this morning right in the middle of one of Todd and Tyler’s abortion arguments with Travis. As if that discussion wasn’t mind numbing enough, Kevin was totally wired and went into an off the wall rant that officially caused the left half of my brain to shut down, therefore I don’t know what the hell he said. Later, after settling down a little bit, Kevin joined in on the topics of the day and discussed his faked up resume with TnT. Naughton was quite funny with TnT this morning so I suggest you catch him at the Funny Bone but I must warn you, he’s friggin exhausting to listen to. Call the Bone Phone at 493-8036 for reservations.

BW came in later with today’s e-news. The gang discussed the crappy ass country music awards that were on TV last night and Montel being busted for having a pot pipe. That led Todd to proclaim, “I want Glaucoma”, specifically for the reason of being able to smoke government grown, prescribed pot. That led to calls from listeners who have tried the medical grade weed, which put Jeremy in a bad mood because all of the stoners that called him were complete idiots. As the e-news moved on, the gang discussed allegations of a one of the Hilton hotties being caught on tape humping her then-boyfriend several years ago. BW then read over a list of silly alternate names for Viagra and he wrapped up the e-news with another installment of the Nebraska Sex Offender registry.

Well that does it for the Thursday update. Tune in tonight at 10pm for the 3 rd Shift Replay of today’s show and make sure to rejoin TnT for their Friday show tomorrow at 5:30am. Thanks for watching. Good night. -Corby-
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