TnT Show 11-07-2003


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Friday 11-7-03

Todd and Tyler started off their show this morning with a review of last night’s Kiss/Aerosmith concert. Along with sharing their own thoughts and experiences of the evening, they opened up the phone lines and let listeners talk about what they thought of the show, too. From every account, the concert was great and the new Arena really seemed to please TnT. In fact, TnT now feel spoiled and fear they may not be able to see any other shows at the arena. After all, they’ve sat in the front row and have been up in the big, fancy boxes so far. What’s left that would be any better? BW came in and talked about the show, too, which included some bitching about a $16 buffet he ate and a comment about wearing ear plugs the whole evening because he’s a giant puss. Jeremy, Lynn, and even Peach talked about the concert, too.

Also early in the show, the gang discussed how UNL is now asking the public to make $40 million in donations so they can build a better weight room for the Huskers. As you might imagine, TnT had quite a bit to say about that idiotic idea and shared their thoughts on the proposed begging throughout today’s show. They brought the subject up with Travis later, opting to talk about a sports related subject with their sports guy instead of getting into yet another heated abortion argument like they did during most of yesterday’s show.

BW came in with the news today. The gang spent time discussing Bellevue’s crank problem, an accidental head shot incident in a Grand Island trailer park full of “Spaniards”, UNL begging for upgrade money, the military putting a soldier on trial for being a coward for the first time since Nam, and they had a lengthy discussion about a child custody case involving two parents that are being called up to fight in the war. Later, there was a story about some New Jersey kids that were rescued from their adoptive parents who never fed them and then the guys talked about old people giving oral sex. They wondered at what age a man stops doing it. Shortly after wondering aloud they received a call from a lady that works in a nursing home. She told TnT she walked in on an 87-year-old woman giving a Diekman to her 86-year-old husband, though she had no details on whether or not the guy reciprocated.

Travis came in with today’s sports report minus any abortion talk, which was nice. Along with the sporting news he gave us his Lock of the Week. He’s selecting Oklahoma State +3 against Texas. Also during the sports report, Lancer coach Mike Hastings joined the guys in studio for a bit. He spent some time talking hockey with the guys, which included speculation about the NHL’s future. The gang also had an interesting, lengthy discussion about Milli Vanilli. I’m serious.

Randy Madsen from the Funny Bone came in this morning and spent a couple of hours hanging out with TnT. There’s not much else to say about his visit with TnT today other than that Randy was recently married in Can Cun Mexico. He talked a little about that but mostly just joined in on the other topics of the day. You can catch him at the Funny Bone this weekend by phoning 493-8036.

Dr. John phoned TnT from jail this morning and unlike his past few attempts, he actually had an audible signal today. He talked with TnT about how he has lost 69 pounds in jail so far, mostly because of walking back and forth on an 80-foot stretch where he’s being held. He then complained about being cold, as there is evidentially no heat in the pokey. Dr. John also talked with TnT about his upcoming release in 28 days and what’s likely to happen regarding the Scottsbluff case. I’m sure we’ll here from Dr. John again in the near future but in the mean time, feel free to visit his store and buy all of the legal porn and rubber throcks you can get your hands on.

BW returned later in the show with today’s e-news segment. During his report, the guys called BW’s friend, who was in a duck blind on the Elkhorn River at the time. Brian was scheduled to join him a bit later in the day for some duck hunting so TnT called his friend Jeff to see how the hunting was going. He concluded his time on the air with TnT by doing a duck call for them. The gang then moved on to more e-news talk, which included a discussion of BMG and Sony merging and more on the Paris Hilton sex tape. BW said he actually saw an Internet clip of that tape (feel free to e-mail me a URL if you find one) and stated that it’s “hardcore!” He then wrapped up the e-news with a list of the top 10 most dangerous jobs.

Well that does it for the Friday update. Tune in on Sunday at 10pm for the 3 rd Shift Replay of this morning’s show and make sure to rejoin the guys on Monday at 5:30am for another week of programming. Thanks for watching. Good night. -Corby-
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