TnT Show 11-10-2003


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Monday 11-10-03

Todd and Tyler started off their show this morning with some talk about their weekends. Tyler headed down to the Husker game with a bunch of Husker Hounds so he spent some time detailing the trip. He had fun, although surrounded by Husker freaks and in what he described as the most uncomfortable limo ever. The guys then both moved on to discuss how the Sunday paper sucks. From there, they talked about how there are some whacked Kiss fans that believe they are more musically talented than Aerosmith. There were also a couple of early morning hate e-mails, which the gang continued to read throughout the show. One called the guys douche bags and told TnT that they need to get a “real job”. They were particularly fond of that one. The guys also read over some barely a pulse letters and later, Jeremy came in and talked about Big P ussy’s 23 rd birthday party outing, which landed the overnighter in the “hammered” realm.

Also early in the show, TnT were joined by tonight’s speed dater, Reesa. I have no idea if that’s how’s spelled but that’s what you’re going to get from me. She hung out with TnT for a while, discussed the types of guys she liked, and seemed pretty cool as far as speed daters go. For all of you guys out there, she’s 23, a hottie, and she has no baggage. In fact, she hasn’t had a date, from the sounds of it, since July. Stop on out to Todd and Tyler’s MNF party at Brewsky’s tonight and get yourself 5 minutes with her.

BW came in a bit later with today’s newscast. He began with a duck hunting review, which he said he likes much better than pheasant hunting. He then got into the newscast, which included stories about slashed Husker fan tires, several stabbings and shootings, the escape of a handcuffed man, “O!” being spray painted all over town, levels of obesity and how to determine whether or not “fat ass” is bigger than “lard butt”, and there was the obligatory gripping story that had us on the edge of our seats. Today’s story was about kosher baby formula that’s being recalled in Israel.

A bit later in the show, Travis came in with today’s sports. He spent some time talking with TnT about his trip to Kansas to cover the Huskers, which led to a bit more talk about Tyler’s experience there, too. Later, Travis detailed a story about picking up a couple of Millard high school girls and giving them a ride to their friend’s apartment after the guys they were at the game with ditched them. Following that, the guys discussed how Trav blew yet another Lock of the Week, making him 5-6 on the season, and that led to talk of how Todd is now out of Child Prodigy’s $2000+ (Z-bucks, of course) NFL pool.

Lauri Loewenberg, the “Dream Lady” from, joined Todd and Tyler on the phone this morning. She spent the first part of their conversation discussing sexual dreams and wet dreams with TnT and the second half of her time with the guys taking phone calls from listeners that had dream interpretation questions. She helped one caller that said he can never remember his dreams and suggested to another a technique for steering your dreams into the sexual encounters you’d like to have while snoozing. She went on to pimp her book, which you can get information about at her web site. I’m sure we’ll hear from Lauri again in the future so stay tuned.

Larry the Cable Guy checked in this morning. Before diving into his commentary on how the country music industry is now whacking off Johnny Cash only after he died, TnT tried to talk Larry into poking one of the hot porn stars he hangs out with and then telling them all about it. Cable guy, a notorious skin hound, said he’d never tried to have sex with his female porn star friends because it would *cough, cough, pussy, cough* ruin their friendship. If he changes his mind, I’m sure we’ll hear about it soon.

Rob Zatechka joined TnT in studio during BW’s e-news report later in the show. He talked with the gang about the Husker game on Saturday and shared his thoughts about possibly taking on Oklahoma later in the season. BW then got into the e-news, which consisted of a story about how fat Aretha Franklin is, a Duran Duran tour, and how much of an idiot Jessica Simpson is.

Tomorrow Todd and Tyler will be joined by a couple of the guys from Cohen, Vacanti, Higgins, and Shattuck so make sure to tune in. Also keep in mind that TnT are at the Brewsky’s in Omaha tonight at 7pm for another MNF party along with speed dater Reesa so join the guys for this evening’s party. That’s it for today’s update. Thanks for watching. Good night. -Corby-
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