TnT Show 11-11-2003


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Tuesday 11-11-03

Todd and Tyler started off their show this morning by mentioning Veteran’s Day. After a brief discussion, they moved on to talk about local high school football playoffs. That then led into talk about last night’s MNF party at Brewsky’s. Everyone seemed to have a good time including speed dater Reesa, who phoned in later in the show. Tyler also mentioned that the smoking ban at his table was a success even though Charlie bitched about it the whole night. TnT then took an early morning call from Child Prodigy, who provided them with a Jackson Brown concert review. Todd then spent some time giving BW a hard time for mowing his 1 blade of grass yard yesterday afternoon, which according to Todd’s thoughts didn’t need mowed in the first place.

Also early in the show, the gang got into a discussion about the guy code and how men should not date the ex-girlfriends or ex-wives of their buddies. This was spawned after they talked about an article in the paper featuring a high school girl who is now dating her ex-boyfriend’s buddy. A lengthy discussion of the guy code and its dynamics followed with everyone agreeing that you just don’t date your friend’s exes. On a related note, TnT phoned Tyler’s dad who shared a story about how Tyler’s infamous uncle Chub swapped wives with a friend of his and now they don’t speak. The story used, of course, to illustrate TnT’s guy code point. TnT also asked Ed about when older guys stop giving their ladies oral sex. Ed seemed to skirt the issue, not giving a succinct answer, so it seems another mystery of the universe will now go unanswered.

Todd and Tyler received another contribution from Tony Bologna this morning. Today’s song was titled “Travzilla”, which was based on the BOC tune “Godzilla”. It was by far the best Tony Bologna effort to date. The song was musically accurate and the lyrics were some of the funniest lyrics to come out of TnT’s most recent musical contributor in the few years he’s been sending them tunes. There is no way to do the tune justice by describing it here so make sure you tune into tonight’s 3 rd Shift Replay of this morning’s show, which will start at 10pm tonight. I believe TnT played it within the first half hour or so of the show so don’t miss it.

BW came in with the news a bit later. For the most part, the news seemed to be mostly made up of pit bull talk. The first story of the day, which was about a pit bull, spawned countless phone calls throughout the remainder of the show. At first, clueless callers checked in to defend pit bulls. TnT quickly shut them down, though, and instead opened up the phones to anyone who had a story about offing one of the vicious beats. Callers checked in with stories about thumping the mutts on the head with bats, there was a shotgun story or two, and one caller said he plunged a screwdriver into the head of an attacking pit bull years ago. There were a few other subjects broached during the newscast such as talk about deer hunters, a baggage screener crack head, a small plane close to the White House, and an argument over cell phone number laws, but put bulls dominated the news segments.

Travis came in a bit early today with this morning’s sports report. He was early because he had a “corporate crap” meeting to attend. Anyway, he began his visit by arguing with TnT about their thoughts on KM3 putting the entire ratings period on the success of Trav. He also disputed how important he is to the station, an argument TnT quickly defeated with a simple mention of Trav’s 44 billboards and countless FWIW related radio and TV commercials. TnT played him the “Travzilla” song, which he seemed to enjoy thoroughly. He then did sports left for the day.

Two of the lawyers from Cohen, Vacanti, Higgins, and Shattuck joined TnT in studio this morning. I believe it was Matt and Kelly but I could be wrong. All of those guys sound the same to me. Anyway, the two started off by talking with TnT about Veteran’s Day, as both of the attorneys served in the military. They then told TnT about their plans for an upcoming trip to Africa to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, which will cost them about $8000 a piece. They tried to talk Travis into going before he left but mention of the $8000 bill seemed to frighten off the tight-ass sports guy.

Later in their visit with the lawyers, the guys took a couple of calls and let the lawyers respond to listener questions. The gang also continued their earlier discussion of the guy code and how you don’t date your buddy’s exes. Also during the lawyer’s visit, calls from listeners regarding pit bull assassinations continued to come in.

BW returned with the e-news a bit later in today’s show. He began with a story about how Tony Danza is going to get his own TV talk show and followed that up with a gripping story that had something to do with some guy named 50 Cent. The story completely stopped every synapse in my head from firing for a while. When I awoke, though, the gang was having an interesting discussion about a list of “Did you know?” questions. Perhaps BW will avoid 50 Cent stories in the future and find more fun, interesting topics to cover during the e-news.

Dr. Ed will be joining TnT tomorrow live from his basement in Tyler, TX so make sure to join the guys early. That does it for today’s update. Tune into the 3 rd Shift Replay of this morning’s show tonight at 10pm. Thanks for watching. Good night. -Corby-
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