TnT Show 11-12-2003


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Wednesday 11-12-03

Todd and Tyler started off their show this morning by discussing a variety of subjects including the upcoming 2004 calendar, yesterday’s debut of the “Travzilla” Tony Bologna song, and they touched on their comments from yesterday’s show about how difficult it is to get some big name guests on their show because they are located here in Omaha. They then read over a few e-mails. The gang also took a few minutes to watch the Paris Hilton video clip, a link to which was provided to them by a listener.

BW came in with the news a bit later. Before he began, prompted by tonight’s upcoming concert, Brian and Tyler did dueling John Mayer impersonations, both gaspingly singing the lyrics to one of Mayer’s better-known songs. It was hilarious. The gang then moved on to discuss a story about a fired Omaha area bus driver that got in trouble for giving kids having birthdays on his bus gifts. Everyone seemed to agree that the parents were all being pedophile paranoid and with the exception of the guy possibly creepily telling one female student he would put her in his will, they all seemed to agree that the guy did nothing wrong. He just likes kids. The gang also discussed hot dogs giving you cancer, Larry Flint not showing the topless photos of Jessica Lynch, and they went over a list of why women cheat on their men.

Dr. Ed joined Todd and Tyler this morning live from his basement in Tyler, TX. He started his visit with the guys by discussing a little Rice football. The gang then moved on to cover some medically related topics such as Hepatitis A, testicular pain, the canal linking the nose directly to one’s ass, fat people and whether or not obesity is a disease, sleep cooking, E. Coli, and the guys took a call from an anxious former heroin addict that seemed to know more about the chemical name for various drugs than the New England Journal of Medicine. It was another interesting visit with the good Doc but if you missed him today, you’ll get another chance to hear him with TnT again in just a few weeks.

Chris Booker, entertainment reporter for KM3’s “Entertainment Tonight” joined TnT on the phone this morning. He talked with the guys about the new Paris Hilton sex video and then spent some time discussing his radio career. He hosted a morning show with his girlfriend, who happens to be J Lo’s sister, so TnT talked with Chris a bit about the defunct show. That led, of course, to talk about how Chris goes into “interview mode” for ET when covering Ben Aflak news, something that seems kind of odd considering Chris and his girlfriend actually hang out with J Lo and Ben. Chris seemed to know all too well what a good job he has, giggling often as TnT pointed out all of the hot Hollywood stars he gets to interview and hang out with. In fact, Chris mentioned that today he was going to cover some sort of Victoria’s Secret bra fitting, which will feature a couple more Hollywood hotties. Chris Booker turned out to be a pretty cool interview and he seemed to like doing the TnT show so make sure you check him out on ET frequently.

Larry the Cable Guy checked in this morning and delivered a commentary on anti strip club people, which somehow he tied with women’s rights to choose whether or not to have their babies. It was rather odd and slightly confusing. Stay tuned for more from Larry later.

Travis came in with today’s sports report. There’s not much more to say about that other than he disputed once again that he is KM3’s main man. He also, at one point, proclaimed “Stop playing with my boob” when comedian Craig Peters came in studio.

Craig Peters and Sean Gnandt from the funny Bone swung in this morning and hung out for a bit. Having recently had lots of time to come up with something funny to discuss during their long car ride from Cleveland to Omaha, they gave us the comic genius of a simultaneous, long and drawn out “Noooo” this morning. You can catch both of them performing at the Bone this weekend by phoning 493-8036. They’ll also be rejoining TnT in studio tomorrow so if you missed them today, don’t worry, they’ll be back.

BW came in with the e-news later in the show. The gang discussed Christian Slater getting hit in the head by a drink glass thrown at him by his wife at the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas. They also discussed Ed Norton’s death, there was a lot of talk about the Tard family and the three brothers, Leo, Uni, and Re, they discussed a Zimbabwe president, pine cone sodomy, and BW wrapped it up with another “Did you know?” list.

That does it for today’s update. Tune in tomorrow at 5:30am for the 3 rd Shift Replay of this morning’s show and make sure to rejoin the guys tomorrow at 5:30am for the Thursday edition. Thanks for watching. Good night. -Corby-
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