TnT Show 11-13-2003


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Thursday 11-13-03

Todd and Tyler started off their show this morning by giving BW a hard time for oversleeping. Knowing he was on his way to work when they began the show, they railed on him pretty good. Brian phoned in to attempt to explain why he overslept. He blamed it on consumption of a tiny glass of wine and on having an extra fat snooze bar, which he said is too close to his alarm’s “OFF” button. While he was still on the phone with the guys driving in, he talked with TnT about a couple of news stories from last night’s newscasts. Tyler said, hilariously, “yet another example of BW phoning in the news”.

While waiting for BW to arrive, the guys discussed a couple of things from the paper. T.O. wants to ban alcohol advertising during college football games, which perplexed TnT. After all, aren’t those who watch sports on TV mostly legal aged men that dig beer? Secondly, wasn’t it advertising money, a majority of which came from beer companies that paid his gigantic Husker coaching salary for years and years? The discussion led to the guys talking about a friend of theirs in AA. The friend recently celebrated 17 years without a beer. That led TnT to talk about how they’ve never gone 17 days, let alone years, without having a drink. Each then proceeded to share his beginnings as a drinker, bad experiences with various types of booze (wine, tequila, vodka), and statements about how those who have to attempt to quit drinking obviously have a problem to begin with.

BW finally arrived later and after joining in on TnT’s booze discussion, explaining once again why he was late, and describing his hosting duties at a Harley shop’s “women’s night” clothing exhibition, he delivered today’s news. The gang discussed a gun found in a Council Bluffs school and how that led to the expulsion of a student, there was some talk about a bunch of proposed dog related laws, and there was a detailed conversation about what happens to the carcasses of moose crushed on Alaskan highways. The guys also continued talking more about Lincoln’s proposed smoking ban, which included a phone call from a listener that is a waiter. And before wrapping up the news, TnT talked about the laws related to hiding cameras in your own home and what sort of trouble you might get in to if you catch your underage babysitter humping her boyfriend while she watches your child.

Travis came in a bit later and talked with TnT about going to last night’s John Mayer show at the new Qwest Arena. TnT were surprised to hear that Travis went and asked him to fill them in on the circumstances. Evidentially, Trav bought his brother-in-law a couple of tickets and when his brother-in-law couldn’t get a date, Trav stepped in and went with him. He said he felt like the oldest guy in the room, although later calls from others who attended confirmed that he wasn’t. TnT gave Trav a hard time for being so gay, taking another man to that type of concert, and railed on him for the remainder of his time on today’s show.

Perhaps it was the initial hard time TnT gave Trav about going to the John Mayer show but something definitely crawled up old Attaboy’s ass because he spent the remainder of the show bitching and arguing with TnT. He began his tirade by bitching at TnT for comments they made during the news that related to the Catholic Church. Later he argued with the guys about a FWIW that centered on the Governor getting a cheap Alaskan cruise trip. That somehow led to yet another lengthy, loud argument about the Huskers begging for money from their fans so they can buy a new weight room for the team. Later still, Travis argued about another FWIW commentary about how the word “McJob” has been placed into the dictionary. Trav also disputed and argued with TnT once again on TnT’s thoughts about how KM3 is putting the weight of the world and this ratings session on Trav’s shoulders. Perhaps the sports guy will calm down a bit tomorrow and go back to being the “fun” Trav TnT have noticed has been missing lately.

Craig Peters and Sean Gnandt from the Funny Bone came in again this morning and spent some time hanging out with TnT. Much like yesterday, the pair didn’t contribute much to today’s show other than joining in on the topics of the day where appropriate and in Sean’s case, where not. You can catch these two at the Bone all weekend by phoning 493-8036.

BW came in later with today’s e-news segment. After some talk of Playboy’s “Women of Wal-Mart” issue and a little “Who the hell is that”, the guys had an embarrassing yet hilarious session of Todd and Tyler show math. They tried to figure out what 20 and 5% of 3000 was, which came up due to talk about a local company firing a bunch of people. They were all over the board, which could have been due to Todd using his drug calculator instead of a regular one. In fact, at one point I believe he answered the “What’s 20% of 3000 people” question with “$200 an ounce”.

To wrap up the e-news and the remaining hour or so of the show, the guys spent some time discussing the top 50 most polarizing characters on television, a list gleaned from FHM magazine. They started at 50 and read all the way to the end, discussing each character and why he/she/it might have been considered loved and/or hated at the same time. The list, as well as their banter, was incredibly funny and very entertaining. There’s no way to sum up the list in today’s update but it was great. Perhaps you can catch TnT’s discussion as it re-airs tonight during the 3 rd Shift Replay, which begins at 10pm on the mighty Z.

Well that does it for the Thursday update. Tune in tomorrow at 5:30am for the Friday program and, again, make sure to check out tonight’s 3 rd Shift Replay. Thanks for watching. Good night. -Corby-
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