TnT Show 11-14-2003


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Friday 11-14-03

Todd and Tyler started off their show this morning with some discussion of the Britney Spears interview with Diane Sawyer. TnT have both mentioned that they dislike Sawyer in the past and their hatred for her was only amplified by last night’s interview in which she painfully squinted when asking Spears about cocaine use allegations. That led the guys to discuss the changes from their days in college to the perception of cocaine now, especially as it relates to the younger people they hang out with who have never seen, let alone done, the drug.

The gang then moved on to talk a bit about the story involving Husker fans getting their tires slashed at last weekend’s Kansas game. The guys didn’t condone tire slashing but they both seemed to agree, especially after dealing with belligerent Husker fans for years, that they could see why such a thing could happen. Shortly after that discussion, TnT took a call from their boxing buddy Dicky Ryan who was concerned that a comment he made to a religious person working at a convenient store might land him in hell. Evidentially, the person Dicky sees at the convenient store every now and then told Dicky that God told her that he should stop fighting. Dicky replied with, “Tell God to mind his own business”, which everyone found hilarious.

A bit later in the morning, TnT gave a touching thank you to the old Alien Guy for years of updates. Today is going to be the last update I write for the show. My wife and I are going to have a baby so we had to buy a house and to afford it all, I had to get a new job. I will not have the chance to listen to every minute of every show due to the new job so unfortunately, I had to give up doing the updates. Thanks to TnT for their kind words about me this morning and thanks to all of you who made writing these updates worthwhile.

And while on the subject of new jobs, TnT spoke to a lady they talked to yesterday that was recently laid off from her job at a local company. Evidentially, someone heard her talking to TnT yesterday and thought she was bashing her old company. TnT put her on the air today so she could dispute the accusation, as she did not badmouth her former employer during her call to their show Thursday. After clearing that up, that discussion led to some talk about jobs TnT have had before and places they’ve been fired from.

BW came in with the news a bit later. The gang discussed the Keystone neighborhood’s attempt to keep out the riff raff, HIV poster child fired, the city budget problems possibly ending the police helicopter program, scooters gone crazy, freaky weather across the country, human hairballs, and dog barking laws.

R. Lee Ermey, host of the History Channel’s “Mail Call” show spoke to TnT this morning. He talked with TnT about his recent roll in the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” remake and then mentioned he’s currently touring the Marine Corps Birthday Ball circuit. Lee also talked with the guys about his summer trips over to Iraq where he said he took small arms fire and was shot at by rockets. Lee also told TnT a dirty, swearword-laden version of his “motivational figure” is available on his web site, The guys plan on having him back in studio during next year’s golf tournament so stay tuned.

Senator Ben Nelson spoke to Todd and Tyler this morning. He spent some time talking with the guys about the filibuster currently going on in Washington. He explained why the Democrats are trying to stop some of the President’s judicial nominations and described how the filibuster works. He also talked with TnT briefly about TO’s recent proposal to ban beer advertising during college sports. In not so many words, Ben seemed to lead TnT to believe that the idea was “crazy”. I’m sure the senator will check in again in the future so stay tuned for more from Senator Ben Nelson.

Travis came in with today’s sports report. Along with delivering yesterday’s news, he made his weekly prediction for the future. He’s selected Baylor getting 52 ½ against Oklahoma as his Lock of the Week. Bet on it!

George Kantor from the Funny Bone joined TnT in studio this morning and hung out for a while. He joined in on the topics of the day and seemed to enjoy his time with the guys. Due to a meeting TnT had to attend at 9am, their time with George was cut a bit short. You can catch him, though, at the Funny Bone all weekend by phoning 493-8036.

As mentioned, the guys had to leave the air at 9am for a meeting today. Although they didn’t specify what the meeting was about, they alluded to it having something to do with them pissing someone off earlier in the week. Tune in Monday and I’m sure they guys will give further details.

That does it for the updates. Tune in Sunday at 10pm for the 3 rd Shift Replay of this morning’s show and make sure to rejoin the guys on Monday at 5:30am as they kick off another week of stellar programming. It’s been a fun ride. Thanks to all of the loyal update readers. Good night. -Corby-

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