Tntu Is Looking For A Fool/helper


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Tntu is looking for a Todd and Tyler Radio Empire fan who religiously listens to the morning show, and can type a summary in a few paragraphs of the days guests, and happenings.

Basically, if you can:
Listen to a radio semi-religiously
Accurately describe a summary of the days events on the show
Spell somewhat coherently

I'm willing to throw you a few bones, gift cards, or somebody's mother to you for your efforts to help keep this site current.

For inspiration, you may want to persue Corby's old archive summaries here:

Please contact me if you are interested in helping out TnTU, with some bennies for yourself!

LoveYa, and Thanks for Listening.


One of the remaining few!

I listen to the podcasts. It is seldom that I am listening live. If I do this, it be way after the show is completed in the morning. But I'd be willing to do it, like the old days.


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Hey that"s cool Viking80fan. It'll go well with the summaries ob1 and I get from the official site. Thanks
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