TnTU Moving to Read Only Status


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On or around 2/1/2011, will be moving to a read only site.

I haven't been a dedicated listener to the Radio Empire for quite a while now, and this site has become dated in the content it provides, except for a the few listeners that update the daily summary of guests.

Also, board software stagnation and family issues have prevented me from being able to maintain the site in an manner that it requires.

I've turned off new registrations to already, and will be closing all the forums to new posts and replies in early Februrary.

If you have any questions, please send me a private message, or visit my personal message board at SneakyDave

Thanks for everybody's time and patience with the site, as well as the Todd and Tyler Radio Empire for providing hours of listening entertainment during the morning rush hour.


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It's all good, man.:mooooh:
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