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Hello folks. is still barely alive,and I don't want to shut it down, but the aging software and keeping up with tasks like thwarting spammers takes a little bit of toll on a person.

Anyway, in the past, advertising helped pay for the software costs and server costs associated with running the site. I'm still trying to communicate with the Google Adsense team about getting this site back in it's good graces.

What this means is that, no, isn't going to disappear, but I might have to lock new registrations down or make it read only to everybody. These actions are to help with the spam bots and real person spammers that register everyday. The other reason is the vBulletin software is getting a little old in the tooth. I don't want to risk some threat or attack that causes me a lot more work than I really want to do to mitigate that PITA. I also don't want to fork over more $$$ for a license to a new software scheme.

Anyway, that's where we're at. In the minimum, I'd like to keep as a permanent archive of the Todd and Tyler Show shenanigans and the regulars that have helped this site thrive.

At one time, I wanted to create as a broader site with better software to attract a wider range of visitors, but due to several factors, I just don't have the time or resources to devote as much time to it as was neede.d

In the meantime, I've created my own little hole in the wall forum, no ads, facebook integration, small community, that hopefully will have the same spirit as this place.


Thanks again for visiting, read, participating, and understanding.

lilyvon schtupp

Sodomy for Hire, Solicting for Immoral Purposes
This site & TNT are my sole sources of news.
Kidding aside, I understand.
I may have to "sneak" on over to your new message board.


oh bee one
...and Dave, thanks for all your hard work and diligence to keep the site up.

Even as an archive, it is well-worth the efforts of all.


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I've disabled some features (arcade, throck system, shoutbox) to improve overall performance.
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