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Crime is everywhere kids, and it doesn't pay. Well, it pays a little.

OMAHA, Neb. —Omaha police and Douglas County deputies team up to catch two armed robbery suspects.

Police said the men were caught moments after they robbed Godfather's Pizza near 152nd Street and West Maple Road around 8 p.m. Tuesday.​
Police said officers who were already in the area responded to the robbery call and found two men matching the robbers' descriptions nearby along with evidence linking them to the robbery.
Russell Wardlow, 24, was booked on counts of robbery, possession of a gun by a prohibited person and use of a weapon to commit a felony.
Jesse Ortiz, 19, was booked on a count of robbery​


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Jeesh, it's like the most crime ridden part of the city!
The Sarpy County Sheriff’s Office said deputies served a search warrant at 7228 S. 179th St. on Thursday afternoon in reference to a marijuana growing operation.
Authorities seized about 100 plants, varying in size from four to six feet, from the home.
"There were marijuana plants growing in the basement. They also had some marijuana drying in some upstairs closets," said Lt. Mike Erhart.
The person who was taken into custody was not identified by the Sheriff’s Office.
Neighbors said they never suspected a thing.
"Didn't suspect anything. Didn't have any idea," said Justin Klahn.
"We started to build a relationship with them, friendships. They gave us a Christmas gift. My daughter would play with their dogs," said Jenny Klahn.
"It's disappointing. They seemed like nice guys, but of course I don't want that in my neighborhood and around my kids," said Spencer Lombardo.

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